Amazing Chalk Art

Hello! I got a working computer so I can post again! Okay, so I made a post like this at my blog while ago but I got no comments or anything so I’m trying again. These are 3D chalk pictures that are made by hand with street chalk. It is ALL chalk meant to look 3D.
haha now I want some Coke
Thats it!


Some News

     Well a lot of you have noticed that I haven’t posted in, well… a really long time. It’s not that I’m too busy, just the fact that I had writer’s block. Every time I got on the computer I would go to my dashboard get read to make a new post, and have nothing to write about. I finally broke down though and decided to create a post about why I haven’t posted and some news.

So lately when I couldn’t post I started to play Bloons Tower Defence 4. It’s a whole lot better then the previous three versions. I would love to make a whole 3 paragraph long post about, but honestly I have to go. Tommrow I will start working on editing my CSS again and I hope that it will turn out how I want it to.

Where Did We All Start?

People have been wondering this question for thousands of years. Some people say we just popped out of nowhere all over the world. Others say that humans started from Africa. Some people say there is three different types of humans, each starting in a different area of the world. What do I have to say about all of this? Well read my theory on all of this that is a lot of people’s theories combined mostly.

I support the theory that all humans do come from Asia. But I belive they come from part of it that had plenty of vegitation, it was hot all year long, and was great for living it. Which could only point towards southern Africa near the source of the Nile River. It didn’t require much thinking for the humans who lived there. They didn’t have to kill each other for food, which is why they survived. Why would they travel to other parts of the world then if their area was so great? It was simply rejects who had to leave and explore the rest of the world. Thanks to this though is probably how humans developed their brains is because they had to think of how to get food in the middle of the desert, or survive in freezing cold conditions. This is how we developed Agriculture, which gave people time to think instead of killing ecother for food. This then lead to knowledge which lead to civilizations.

Now some people believe that why people look so different is because there is three different types of them. I believe more along the lines of the eveloution theory. I think the enviorment decides how each human is shaped. In Africa a lot of the people have dark skin and that’s because Africa is by the equator which has lots of sun. Therefore people there pretty much got a permanent tan. I believe that the farther from the wquator the rejects got the got lighter colored skin over time. For example right above Africa in countries like Spain people have dark skin, that is still light though. Then above that in the U.K. People have very light skin. The thing that messed up this theory is when the vikings sailed around and raided many countries. A few of the Vikings stayed and had kids with people from that country. Vikings all started out with blond hair and blue eyes and those charestics got mixed with other peoples charestics. So then for example instead of people from Spain with dark skin and hair you would start to see people from Spain with dark skin and blonde hair.

     So how is there proof to all of this? Well for one thing a few years ago someone discovered the bones of a human from thousands of years ago in Africa. They took it’s DNA and traced it to over half the humans in the world. This means that another one of the humans there could trace back to the other half of humans alive today. Proof that we can tell if people of different countries got married and mixed their charestics has already happened when Adolf Hitler tried to kill all the non blonde hair blue eyes people in the world and easily took their records and looked back in their history from hundreds of years ago.

    I think my theory is very good and if you have any idea on it comment them below. Who knows? I might take your comment and add it to my theory!

Design Day #2

Edit: Lots of comments for Blogging 411 members are popping up asking when the first assignment pops up. My answer to that would be the date of your special meeting. Email me at to get the date and place for the next meeting. If you can’t email it will be in the next post hidden.



One Million Words Under Construction


     There’s at least a million words in this world. Each one of them special. Everyone remembers my old post “A Sprinkle Of Words” and this is a follow up. Everyone in life has a lot of favorite words, some not even real. For example, my friend named Haley’s favorite word is “Pshaw!” Which I think is hilarious. Every may not have a strong vocabulary, and so what if you don’t know a lot of words. If you use them right, and make it sound like you know what your saying people will think your really smart.

In other news…

     The blog in under construction. The whole blog is going through a re-construction. The monthly CSS episodes are really catching up with me. I just don’t have time every weekend to design a new CSS to design, test, write code for, and all my other stuff. Sure if coding was my job I could do it, but it’s not and I’m not getting any money out of it, so why sacrifice my life to do it? I will still keep episodes going, they just won’t be monthly, more likely bi-monthly. I have the blog under construction now so I can construct a new inspiring CSS that can last a while because my life is jam packed latelly.

Blogging 411 Jobs Announced


     Consedering I’ve gotten dozens of comment asking when jobs are coming out I’m announcing them. Sadly enough, we still don’t have enough people to start the newspaper. So those of you who got jobs please post a link on you’re blog to the previous post that you could sign up for jobs so we can get enough people. So without further notice, here are the jobs.

Editor in Chief


Design Director








No one 😦

Managing Editor 



Assistant Editor



No One 😦





     From “That Boy Who Blogs” you’ve probably already heard of Lockerz. It’s a brand new website where you can do simple things such as play games, invite friends, and answer questions to get points to buy prizes. Some of these prizes include scooters, clothes, awsome backgrounds, and more. The coolest thing about this website is that you can only get in if a friend invites you in. Therefore it’s kinda top secret. This place has other amazing prizes too. Such as a private concert by your favorite band. There is also a thing called the “Z-list” open to only a select few members. They get specail access to specail videos, events, and double the point. If you want to get into this top secret website then you’ll have to get to it by me.

To get me to invite simply comment your email below!

     If you do then I will send you a request to get in and you will be able to get amazing stuff too. Remember only a few people on the internet have access into this website and it might possibly get totally locked down in the future so only a few people can get in. I am one of the first few people who got in and you’ll be really glad if you get in to. I assure you this website is not a scam and you will love it.