Free Lance


Not many of you know what the term “free lance” means. The word defines someone who is self employed and looking for work. That would be me! I decided to use a term that used to be used in medieval times that described a knight who was unemplyed and looking for work. I figured out that no matter how hard I try to help my friends on wordpress I just can’t help much without being on their blog. I decided to become what I call a free lance and work for anyone anytime. You can hire me to blog as a contributer or author, post design on your blog, or just be in charge of a certain page. Whatever you need I can do. Just comment on this post, or the page I am making where you can hire me. I will only be working for a certain amount of blogs, so you may want to comment fast.

Jobs Taken: 0/5

The image above is one of the old fashioned symbols for a free lance.


5 responses to “Free Lance

  1. I was wondering if you could teach me about gimp. Because I am pretty sure you use gimp for every grapahic you make, and I was wondering if you could teach me? I am not good at making outlines on things, or making images behind the NY and Statue of Liberty. I want you to teach me somehow. Comment back at my website!

  2. Actually, this is my account, I just entered the wrong email

    . .

  3. Thanks anyways!!
    I did not make the brown thing by myself, I got it off from google somewhere and I never took it off because I thought it was cool..

  4. Awesome icon for free lance dude. đŸ˜€

  5. I’d hire you to teach me some things about gimp, because I am a wannabe graphic designer, and I want to learn everything I can about gimp. Right now I am using gimp, but I’m not that good at it. You are very good at it, and I would like you to teach me sometime. If you could email me some lessons like how you made the splatter things, or how you make the awesome flower for text, or anything. I just want to learn something I don’t know so that I can be better.
    If you decide to email me some lessons, my email is .

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