Why I Blog!

      I’m not going to tell you some horrible long story no one ever believes I’ll tell you the real reason I blog and why I’m still around. I’m not here to get money, popularity, or anything else, I’m here to express myself. People all around the world listen to me and take my advice and it helps them a lot. I can also get out some of my feelings too here. No one can really explain what they fell like when they fell really deeply about something. Neither can I, but I try as best as I can. So how did this text end up coming to this page? It started with some of the most important people i my life that I still know today. One of my best friends, Dalton, showed me a game called Club Penguin in fourth grade. I looked up for cheats on it one day. I came across Yogipen’s Blog and it was amazing. From there I made my own blog about Club Penguin. I got bored in about a year. So I decided to write about my life. So how does this all work into my blogging? My posts are examples of what I feel like, but it’s never the same for anyone because they can’t fell like you do through text. It’s like true love, not every one feels the same about someone even if you explain it to them. I am spreading myself all around the internet as best as I can and trying to get people to see all about me. I want to inspire people, show them my art, and just try and reach out to as many people as I can.


3 responses to “Why I Blog!

  1. my story is kinda similar to that. my friend Hailey showed me clubpenguin in 2nd grade and i started going to mr funguins cp cheats and i loved it. so my penguin was blooch back then and i made my 1st blog. it wasnt popular at all! i had it for a year and it only got 3 comments and 60 views and i thought that was alot cuz i was in 3rd grade.i forgot my password to that blog so i made blooch2.wordpress.com. then sombody hacked my penguin, blooch, so i made pinkypie383 and a new blog blah blah blah. first it was cp but then it slowly turned into real life. wow that was long!

  2. Alot of people started from clubpenguin. I used to play alot too and had my CP blog. This guy named bigmonkey came (Chad) and he and I both got bored and went to normal blogging and he introduced me to this guy named Josh. He then inspired me to blog. I later met Carly, but never really was great freidns. I went to her blogroll and found Ilan and then many other people. Then I went to his moms blog and found you!

    Of course this is way out of detail, but kinda how I met everyone

  3. May I add your CP blog was very successful.

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