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      I’m Lyon, or whatever else you want to call me really. My real name is Cole. My blog is to inspire people and to show people all about me! There’s no real way to explain exactly how you feel, but I am trying my best. I try to focus my posts on everyone no matter where they come from, girl or boy, or how smart they are. It’s life that keeps getting in the way sometimes though so I can’t always post and that is bad for everyone, but life gets in the way of everything. I updated my whole blog a few times with a few new stories on my page from auditions to the first post. The stories are all on the subpages. But there’s still a few regular questions for me that can be answered here.

Sub Pages!


How old are you? Right now I’m 12!

What country do you live in? I live in the United States

Are you a boy or a girl? I’m a boy 🙂

What’s with the name Lyon? It’s the name of my type of guitar and a city in France I later learned. 

Why do you blog? Check my sub page “Why I blog”

What’s your favorite color? Green

A lot of you have some weird questions I’m not going to answer on this page, but comment it anywhere you’d like I’d be happy to answer it n matter how weird it seems! So remember to keep reading my posts, I don’t care about hits I like to reach out to as many people as I can though

So you found me hiding
You were also probably wondering
Where is this egg with a treasure to behold?
The next clue is in a post quite old 



32 responses to “About Lyon

  1. I’d love to hear anything else you guys want to know! And maby I’ll add it to the page!

  2. hey LyonX, Nice Blog!
    Colie 😉

  3. i have question lol whats ur fav. color?
    Colie 😉

  4. Hi Lyonx i love your blog. I have a question how do you change your blog’s title?

  5. I texted you the answer yesterday Starburst.

  6. Hey LyonX! The comment above me is my sisters.
    I bet you already know that!

  7. Yep I know, oh and how you doing?

  8. Also, did you check out my blog?

  9. No I will in a second though.

  10. Cool Blog! I really like, but I have to go by!


  12. My bro LOVES Huskies.

  13. Thats wierd, the text wont show up

  14. Hey wats up?

  15. ::βrꆆ:: ♪(On-Line)♫

    OMG! I like RS too! But I quit, it’s borin 4 me now… Lolz!

  16. I’ll b on your blogroll!

  17. And you had to leave Betaxs. hahah!

  18. You spelled Sure wrong in the Questions under sports. It is spelled S-U-R-E not SHURE

  19. ::βrꆆ::

    I’ll answer some:
    How old are you? -12

    What country do you live in? -USA

    Are you a boy or a girl? -Boy

    Why do you blog? -I love it and it expresses myself!

    What’s your favorite color? -Green (me too!)

    We’re sorta the same! 😀

  20. Cool we’re the same age,but as we all can see your way more talented than me in the designing area.Oh and my fave color is black and I live in US to!

  21. Really cool site! Do you want to be on my blogroll? Just click my name to see my site. oh, and really cool css!! its awesome!

  22. Hello,

    I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our iphone app iLightFarts


    I realize that you are iphone app guru 🙂 It’d be swell if you can place an honest review of our app.

    Thank you,

  23. Hey Lyon my friend! As you may know i will be in Guatemala from June 26th to July 13th. So i need you to post during that time with Sssaam. My sister will be placed as an admin so she can check on things. So before your main posts during the time I want you to write this at the top:

    “This is _____ posting on behalf of the regular Administrator to the site, Ilan. Ilan is currently on vacation to Guatemala and will be gone from June 26th-July13th . Thank you!”

    Then after that write your post. Thank you so much and i dont know what i would do without you. Your the best.

  24. OMG! I always thought you pronounced your name like “lion” but you are saying Lyon… like Lee-Own in France. My grandparents live just down the road from there!!!! What a revelation for me. We fly into either CDG/Charles De Gaulle or Orly (both in Paris) … and take a a commuter to Lyon and then drive to my grandparents. Well you learn something new everyday. :p

  25. Hey Lyon! Well, Ilan told me that you use gimp for your editing and how do you make animations on it? Thanks!

  26. Awesome! I had now idea you were only 11 and this is impressive work for someone so young! Amazing!

  27. hahaha today when i was at my locker, i found out they were made by a company cauld lyon 😆

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