Well as everyone has probably noticed, I have been gone for a really long time now. I just haven’t had much time at all. But my new year resolution was to keep myself contacted with all of my internet friends. Just I’m not sure about keeping this site. I’m considering building a new website from scratch. I’m gonna start drawing up a plan to build the new website. I will post this next weekend and I will post updates on it until then.


4 responses to “So………

  1. Welcome back from the real world. xd!

    Just curious, why develope a new website? Upgrades not able to be done on here?

    Ok then. I will watch and learn. ツ

  2. I have always like that header. That takes me back some years.

  3. Welcome back! Any chance I could be back on the site (I really really want to post, and non-cp isn’t working on my site.)

  4. Why are you building a new site?
    I’m glad you are back, though!!

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