Eternal Fallout™

      Eternal Fallout is a band my friends and I formed on December 3rd, 2009. We got the inspiration to form a band after a school band concert near the start of the year. When it first formed the only members where myself, my friend Charlie, and another one of my friends named David. David and I truly love music. We had a two-hour talk on Facebook the day after we formed just talking about the music we both liked. That day we were at that band concert we both felt the same thing. Phenomenal music like the kind at that concert just makes us have a feeling impossible to explain. Any true musician knows that feeling and it rarely comes around. Charlie was playing the music on the other hand and didn’t really pay attention to the music as much as he did getting his notes right. 

     When we had our first three members we started searching for more. We searched every middle school in the town, looking for just the right musicians to be in our band. On December 4th a guy named Josh joined our band as the rythm guitarist. The very next day at the exact same time I got the news that my friend Tim joined as our base guitarist. Today our band is completed and we are currently are learning to play a cover of Dare You To Move by Switchfoot!


9 responses to “Eternal Fallout™

  1. You should post a youtube video of you playing Dare You To Move

  2. Ditto.
    Definitely post some of your music!

  3. Since you play cello, I’m assuming this may take on a string quartet feel. Even if not, & you are playing the cello, it has to take on a magical tone!

    La magie de la musique est dans l’âme! (The magic of music is in the soul! )

    3 votes on this one… Post music 😛

  4. Yea you should make a YouTube vid of you playing.

  5. WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!

  6. Must be snowed in?

  7. Hey lyon, I don’t know why you’ve been gone for long but please check your graphics site, I have ordered a header. Thanks, and you might not know me but I’m Brett, Cya around!

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