The Boarding Of Snow Contest *Winners*

The winners have been decided!

Voted Best By Judges: Carly!!!

Voted Best By Voters: Josie!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered! It was a great contest!


23 responses to “The Boarding Of Snow Contest *Winners*

  1. I remember when you first did this lololol

  2. Yes that first comp you had on this was a good. I hope this proves to be an even greater one.

    Good luck.

  3. Here is mine,I made it on MS Paint:

    I call it “Snow Flood”

  4. Ok, here’s my entry:

  5. Josie, yours is AMAZING!

    I’d love to enter! I’ll probably design it sometime today, because I have basketball practice in the afternoon and I’m somewhat busy right now. Are we allowed to submit our snowboards on Sunday even though it’s the due date?

  6. Oh, nevermind! I thought today was the 22nd for a sec. xD

  7. I am always amazed at the ppl that show up for a contest that never comment otherwise.

    Competition brings them out every time. 🙂

  8. Can I email you mine?My account has been suspended for some reson.

  9. ok whats your email?

  10. I would love to, but I need to do math homework. boooo. 😦

  11. I vote for Josie

  12. It’s snowing on WP. Nice touch.

    Both entries obviously took time and talent to produce. I’m ANCILLARY STOKED!

    Vote for Josie.

  13. Hey! I’m back! Spread the word! If you get this please post that I’m back! Tell people to go here: and tell them to say that they read the post! You should do that too. Thanks,

  14. Wow! They are both great!
    But I must say that I like Josie’s painted-looking board a little beter.
    I vote Josie

  15. I actually have one now! I made it in my Digital Art and Design class at school
    here it is:

  16. sorry that its turned the wrong way! and the two splotches in the middle show the two colors that I used.
    It was a requirement for the project

  17. haha the boarding of snow? 😛 wow cant you just say snow boarding?

  18. So even if we have a late entry, the judging is ligit?

    Carly’s was another great entry. Showcasing some great artwork, but it wasn’t on the page when the the only 2 votes were cast (reference the dates). I was under the impression this was a single juried contest? The voters were the judges. We had a separation in the judging?

    None the less, both entries display equal talent & are deserving of high praise!

    Congratulations to both :7

  19. Thanks everyone!!
    Especially you, Zipo!

  20. Wow, awesome! Thank you to everyone who voted for me – and congratulations to Carly also! Her’s was amazing! 😀

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  22. I really enjoy to be here.

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