Snowboarding Has Arrived!

     I’m racing down the slopes, curving back and forth against the incline as snow flakes hit my jacket and slide off as the wind blows them. On Sunday my friends and I went snowboarding on the only mountain open for miles. I got out my season pass and we headed out. When we got there around eleven and we all got out boards out and headed toward the lodge. While we were there we checked all of our gear making sure it was okay and got ready to hit the slopes. Tristan, a snowboarder like myself, followed me onto the the ski lift as we got ready to go on the easiest run called “Huckleberry.” As I took off I saw him less then ten yards away. I pulled off some tricks on the incline and kept going. As I looked back again I didn’t see him. I waited five minutes then pulled out my phone and called number five on my speed dial. He didn’t answer after the third call so I picked up my board and headed back to find him. He was sitting on the incline holding his wrist. It turns out that as he was turning off an incline he hit a dry patch and wiped out. During the fall his hand hit the ground at and odd angle and sprained it.

     Today, two days later I was sitting at my computer talking to one of my friends named Nolan on Facebook. We talked about the event the seemed as if it had happened a week ago. We had gone back after we got Tristan back down to the lodge to check where he wiped out and found that a water bottle was buried in the snow which is why he crashed. It was quite funny, and akward at the same time. We talked for another half an hour and then he had to leave. I sat looking at the screen deciding on what to do for a new post. I noticed I hadn’t written a post including a picture I hand made in quite some time. So I got to work and about an hour later of hard pressed work, many ideas from pictures on google, and a little help from a friend I finished it. I had to admire how spectacular it looked compared to my other snowboarding pictures and really enjoyed it. As it’s the first kind of vector project I have done I’d like to know you’re comments on it.

What do you think of my work and how has it improved?


One response to “Snowboarding Has Arrived!

  1. Your graphic work is always great to see. Even more amazing is that you have snow!

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