Amazing Chalk Art

Hello! I got a working computer so I can post again! Okay, so I made a post like this at my blog while ago but I got no comments or anything so I’m trying again. These are 3D chalk pictures that are made by hand with street chalk. It is ALL chalk meant to look 3D.
haha now I want some Coke
Thats it!


7 responses to “Amazing Chalk Art

  1. Street art,aka graffiti. That is simply amazing!

    Nice new theme shaping up here too. Another work in progress.

  2. lyon, when are we going to hav the blogging 411 meeting.

  3. It would be nice if ppl would comment on the post as well as stating other “business” matters. Not being rude, just think it is polite to acknowledge the authors time and energy put toward posting for us. : )

    I imagine the chalk art was created with waterproof chalk. I have participated in some fun times doing this very such thing and then the rain came. I took it as a sign. ROFL!!!

  4. That’s insane!!! Amazing

  5. I love this kind of stuff! The art that bends your mind and makes you think and struggle to see that it actually is flat land!

  6. that coke one is not real

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