Where Did We All Start?

People have been wondering this question for thousands of years. Some people say we just popped out of nowhere all over the world. Others say that humans started from Africa. Some people say there is three different types of humans, each starting in a different area of the world. What do I have to say about all of this? Well read my theory on all of this that is a lot of people’s theories combined mostly.

I support the theory that all humans do come from Asia. But I belive they come from part of it that had plenty of vegitation, it was hot all year long, and was great for living it. Which could only point towards southern Africa near the source of the Nile River. It didn’t require much thinking for the humans who lived there. They didn’t have to kill each other for food, which is why they survived. Why would they travel to other parts of the world then if their area was so great? It was simply rejects who had to leave and explore the rest of the world. Thanks to this though is probably how humans developed their brains is because they had to think of how to get food in the middle of the desert, or survive in freezing cold conditions. This is how we developed Agriculture, which gave people time to think instead of killing ecother for food. This then lead to knowledge which lead to civilizations.

Now some people believe that why people look so different is because there is three different types of them. I believe more along the lines of the eveloution theory. I think the enviorment decides how each human is shaped. In Africa a lot of the people have dark skin and that’s because Africa is by the equator which has lots of sun. Therefore people there pretty much got a permanent tan. I believe that the farther from the wquator the rejects got the got lighter colored skin over time. For example right above Africa in countries like Spain people have dark skin, that is still light though. Then above that in the U.K. People have very light skin. The thing that messed up this theory is when the vikings sailed around and raided many countries. A few of the Vikings stayed and had kids with people from that country. Vikings all started out with blond hair and blue eyes and those charestics got mixed with other peoples charestics. So then for example instead of people from Spain with dark skin and hair you would start to see people from Spain with dark skin and blonde hair.

     So how is there proof to all of this? Well for one thing a few years ago someone discovered the bones of a human from thousands of years ago in Africa. They took it’s DNA and traced it to over half the humans in the world. This means that another one of the humans there could trace back to the other half of humans alive today. Proof that we can tell if people of different countries got married and mixed their charestics has already happened when Adolf Hitler tried to kill all the non blonde hair blue eyes people in the world and easily took their records and looked back in their history from hundreds of years ago.

    I think my theory is very good and if you have any idea on it comment them below. Who knows? I might take your comment and add it to my theory!


9 responses to “Where Did We All Start?

  1. wait,is this post about how everything got created out were did we come from?

    also hitler killed jews not “all the non blonde hair blue eyes people in the world”

    I also don’t get what your saying in that last pargrahp.

    Oh and you made a spelling mistake here:
    “Therefore people there pretty much got a permanent tan. I believe that the farther from the wquator the rejects got the got lighter colored skin over time.”

    please reply

  2. Actually it was more then just Jews. Those were the people he thought were worst. Then it was Russians and I think then it was Chinese. I can’t remember.

    I also will fix the spelling error soon.

  3. This is a very complex post. Rather confused on the subject matter. Are you talking “evolution” or how man evolved? Totally separate topics.

    Then the topic seemed to have switched to the origin of races and their migration down to the attempt to wipe out a certain race by power.

    I am skipping the evolution topic –Bible vs. science. Not touching that. : )

    Human evolution. . . short version.
    Australopithecus afarensis had apelike heads, walked upright, and were primarily plant-eaters. Next, Homo habilis. They stood nearly five feet tall, were a meat-eater, and crafted simple tools from pebbles. They gradually changed, into Homo erectus (Java Man). Homo erectus used fire, built huts, and hunted in groups. Throughout the Pleistocene epoch, Homo erectus steadily evolved into Homo sapiens, the species that includes Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, and modern humans.

    Civilization in brief is predicated on agriculture. The races as we understand them were long in existence before the advent of agriculture.

    The characteristics of each race is linked to the environment that they live in. For example, in places close to the equator, they are more vulnerable to the sun, so darker pigmentation is needed. Now when humans immigrated north to colder regions, the sun wasn’t as harsh but it wasn’t sufficient enough for them to get enough vital nutrients from sunlight, such as Vitamin D. The people eventually became adapted, so their skin was much lighter to allow them to absorb the nutrients. That is just an example. I don’t think all of those who immigrated to other parts of the world were “rejects”. 😛 If so, we would all be descendants of rejects. However, we probably do have a few around the table on holidays! 😆

    I see your reasoning for referencing Hitler but for the record, the Nazi’s main concern was to ‘get rid’ of the Jews. It wasn’t so much according to eye or hair color. The goal was to ensure that members of the state were of “Germanic” stock. That meant proving that someone’s ancestry for at least three generations past was free of any mixing with “non-Aryans”, i.e. Jews, Asians, Africans.

    DNA testing has indeed proved the mapping of human migration.

    Most recently the discussion has turned to the demise of the redhead. The reason, according to scientists is that just 4 percent of the world’s population carries the red-hair gene. The gene is recessive and therefore diluted when carriers produce children with people who have the dominant brown-hair gene. And with more inter-ethnic marriages the gene is dying out more rapidly.
    Viva la redhead!!!! ☺

    Eventually there will be no purebreds left except for the family dog! =]

    PS: Your map is a good visual aid!

  4. You are correct Lyon. I was going to expound on Hitler, but saw that it was irrelevant. I knew what you were eluding to. As to extinction, there were other ethnic groups such as the Poles, the Slavs, the Serbs and the Romani who were earmarked for total demise.

    War does not determine who is right, only who is left.
    —Bertrand Russell

    PS. . . Don’t sweat the small stuff on spelling errors. The content of the post is always the focus for me! Thank you Lyon ☺
    Miss steaks aye can knot sea! : )

  5. Ah. Education! RUN! *Just Kiddin* 🙂

  6. You look like you would be interested in a world history class 🙂
    I had a great teacher in a World His. class last year, and we started out by discussing this. It was really cool!
    I love world history.
    I acknowledge all of the theories, but I don’t know my opinion on them yet.
    And Zipo, you are great.
    “Miss steaks aye can knot sea!” haha

  7. You’ve got a great mind, Lyon, but we’ve got to be careful with what we believe is the truth.

    As a Christian, I believe that humans were created by God. The first humans, Adam and Eve, were placed in the Garden of Eden, as stated in the Bible. (We’re not sure where exactly that was, however.)

    I do believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is the truth. Some scientific ‘evidence’ that seems to go against God’s Word causes others (atheists) to deny God’s existence because they cannot deal with having a God that goes against their ‘explanations’.

    It’s science against the truth, and each one of us have the chance and choice to believe what we think is right.

  8. I’m a Christian too and believe that humans were created by God as well. I am very fascinated in the scientific side of it though. Do I believe in it? No, simply because they are all just theories, which cannot be proven.

  9. Scholars from different fields have joined forces to reexamine every aspect of the Bible. Everyday gives way to a new finding. One such finding is that Adam and Eve, it turns out, was not originally about the “Fall of Man,” but about the move from a primitive, hunter-gatherer society to a settled, agricultural one. All the new data found offers nothing less than a whole new way of thinking about sacred Scripture.

    And many of those said “theories” are proven everyday…through science.

    Everyone of course has their choice in beliefs, but one should always keep an open mind.

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