One Million Words Under Construction


     There’s at least a million words in this world. Each one of them special. Everyone remembers my old post “A Sprinkle Of Words” and this is a follow up. Everyone in life has a lot of favorite words, some not even real. For example, my friend named Haley’s favorite word is “Pshaw!” Which I think is hilarious. Every may not have a strong vocabulary, and so what if you don’t know a lot of words. If you use them right, and make it sound like you know what your saying people will think your really smart.

In other news…

     The blog in under construction. The whole blog is going through a re-construction. The monthly CSS episodes are really catching up with me. I just don’t have time every weekend to design a new CSS to design, test, write code for, and all my other stuff. Sure if coding was my job I could do it, but it’s not and I’m not getting any money out of it, so why sacrifice my life to do it? I will still keep episodes going, they just won’t be monthly, more likely bi-monthly. I have the blog under construction now so I can construct a new inspiring CSS that can last a while because my life is jam packed latelly.


6 responses to “One Million Words Under Construction

  1. : O love your header, wow!! : D awesome.

    …no you don.t know, you don.t know me..

  2. a big change. nice header

  3. dang is this theme new? its so kewl. ima try it, but i dun think ill like it.
    ps: re-doing my blog 2. rofl i started doing this last week. but i took a break

  4. Looks like a Rocket Theme. Whatever it is, it is fresh and crisp!

    A picture is worth 1000 words, but it is been said that one word is added to the dictionary every 19 secs. or so. Possibly with those numbers, a word is only worth gimcrack
    One famous contributor to the development of new words was former US President George W. Bush who brought us such gems as ‘misunderestimate’ and ‘strategery’

    It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument. -William G. McAdoo, lawyer and politician (1863-1941)

    I know what you speak of when you say “jam packed”. Busy ppl get the job done. You are doing a great job ❗

  5. I always love your comments Zipo. They are like a post all by themselves. They are truly amazing. You should start your own blog.

  6. “Thank you” for those kind words! They indeed were special. ☺

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