From “That Boy Who Blogs” you’ve probably already heard of Lockerz. It’s a brand new website where you can do simple things such as play games, invite friends, and answer questions to get points to buy prizes. Some of these prizes include scooters, clothes, awsome backgrounds, and more. The coolest thing about this website is that you can only get in if a friend invites you in. Therefore it’s kinda top secret. This place has other amazing prizes too. Such as a private concert by your favorite band. There is also a thing called the “Z-list” open to only a select few members. They get specail access to specail videos, events, and double the point. If you want to get into this top secret website then you’ll have to get to it by me.

To get me to invite simply comment your email below!

     If you do then I will send you a request to get in and you will be able to get amazing stuff too. Remember only a few people on the internet have access into this website and it might possibly get totally locked down in the future so only a few people can get in. I am one of the first few people who got in and you’ll be really glad if you get in to. I assure you this website is not a scam and you will love it.


4 responses to “Lockerz™

  1. thanks! Srry I havnt been posting.posting computer is broken so I have to use my iPod for everything

  2. Cool dude. Whens the job things coming out?

  3. lyon are we still doing that newspaper thing?
    if so, when are we starting this?

  4. Lockerz turns out to be a scam. I have just found an evidence which shows that Lockerz is a real scam. I invite everyone to check this site and make your own judgment based on these facts. Don’t be a victim to these type of sites that promise more than they can possibly deliver.

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