Blogging 411 Jobs Announced


     Consedering I’ve gotten dozens of comment asking when jobs are coming out I’m announcing them. Sadly enough, we still don’t have enough people to start the newspaper. So those of you who got jobs please post a link on you’re blog to the previous post that you could sign up for jobs so we can get enough people. So without further notice, here are the jobs.

Editor in Chief


Design Director








No one 😦

Managing Editor 



Assistant Editor



No One 😦




21 responses to “Blogging 411 Jobs Announced

  1. YESSSSS. What’s my first assignment? I can make a youtube vid.

  2. Haha i’m a photographer. So i can make images and take pictures of our blogging community?

  3. Cool. I will advertise on one of my sites.

  4. Awesome! I’m a managing editor! Thanks, Lyon! 😀

  5. Cool, photographer 🙂 I’ll start taking and making pictures when I get my first assignment thingo 😛

  6. Hey there. I’d sign up, but I have to finish working on my blog so I can release it =p

    Have I commented here before? I know I visited months ago…

  7. Great job Lyon! If you need anyone to fill in the missing places, I’d be willing to. 🙂

  8. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind being a critic. I like write reviews and comments discussing pros, cons, and such. Sorry if it’s too late, thanks anyway!

  9. Woo-Hoo

    Basicaly. I tell people what to draw, inspetct, etc?

  10. I wish nothing but the best on this venture good friend . I have some reservations on all this, but I will watch with good faith!

  11. woot woot i got a job

  12. PS… You are privileged to tweet with Keith (I don’t tweet). His blog is dead. After almost 31/2 years conversing with him…. I guess all good things come to an end.

  13. *LYON*

    I need a header done urgent. Please check your graphic blog!


  14. Umm when do we get our first job btw? 😀

  15. OOO COOL! i got the one i wanted! what we do first?

  16. I’d be willing to be another photographer, if you would allow another. I love graphic design, and I would like to take time out of my day to make a graphic or two once in a while for your newspaper. All of my teachers said I was a good writer, but whatever. I’d be willing to take any job you’d assign me to.

  17. I know this is kind of late, but I’d like to get a job.

    Name: John Appleseed


    Job You’d Like: Photographer or Publisher

    Why You Want The Job: I’d like to have one of these jobs because I adore graphic design, and I like to get experience from things. If I can have both jobs, I wouldn’t mind it. I would actually like it.


  18. DANGIT!! I forgot to change the name!! Just take away appleseed and your good.

    Name: John

  19. Wow thats a long list with a ton of people working here. You will now probably
    be able to post a lot


  20. So, when are we going to start doing this?

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