SoAmazing Banners


     SoAmazing, the newest website I’ve been designing in my spare time. With the help of my web design class I’m learning how to create a website from scratch. SoAmazing possibly might even replace this blog. I got the inspiration to make a new website from Keith. He offered the idea that I should get a blog. I took that and got an even better idea. To create a whole website. This website will be my own portfolio in a sense. It won’t be a blog or a website that is about a certain thing, but a place that I can show off graphics I made, have a page for downloadable templates, and other stuff. It could be months until this is released, but when it is I’ll post the link.

In other news…

     I got a comment from abcd77 asking why I didn’t have any banners. I simply don’t know what my answer to that would be. I simply haven’t taken the time. I might create one in the future, but currently I don’t have any. Excpect some at the end of this month.


2 responses to “SoAmazing Banners

  1. Awesome dude. In my web design class we also learned how to make a website from scratch, but i dont have the program to do it, and i dont just want to use something like notepad which means I have to do 100% HTML and Java Script coding without visual..

  2. Wow, awesome idea!

    Also, I wanted to say that I’m gonna start making the order pages soon, for Feelin’ Like Graphics. I was wondering if that was ok with you, or if you need more time away from graphics to make SoAmazing. If you’re ok with it, then I’ll start making them at the weekend or something, if I can.

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