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     I’m probably starting to sound like a philosopher with all my idea, but I need a place to say them, where people might actually listen to them. On my last post I got a comment from abcd77 talking about a page in the bible that states about how the world will end. Here is his comment (Click on it for full size)

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      I belive his comment is very reasonable, and maby we could learn from it. In response a few hours later a good friend of mine named Zipo left a comment. (Click For Full Size.)

Picture 1     At the end he commented on how we should leave the part with the bible to scholars. This post is not about what the page in the bible, but more about the part where he said we should leave it to the scholars. Now I don’t want this to turn into an argument, I’m just stating my ideas. Once I heard a story from my old Science teacher. She was one of the best teachers in the world. The story went like this, one day a truck was briskly driving down the road to a place it needed to go. It was slipping under the bridge when it got stuck. It couldn’t get out. Many mathimiticans, scholars, and engineers worked on the problem to try and get the truck out without touching the bridge. None of them ever found the answer until one day a five year old gave them the answer. He simply they suggested that they let some air out of the tires to make it shorter so it wasn’t stuck. The plan worked and he was rewarded for such a great idea.

     My point is that maby that’s the problem with the world, is possibly we don’t look at thing simply enough. Sure all those scholars and engineers and stuff are smart, and that can get you a long ways in certain things, but not every time. For example I’m a seventh grader who is in a ninth grade math class. I was trying to solve a problem, that just stumped me. My dad and mom both took a shot at it and couldn’t figure it out. That’s when my seven year old brother gave us the answer. There were three problems in an equation to figure out the perimiter of a triangle. My brother showed us that the first two problems gave us the plugins for the third problem, therefore giving us the answer. My dad were trying to solve these crazy equations in the most complicated ways, and didn’t see that. My point is maby we are looking at the world in a too complicated way and need to see the simple things. Sure maby it’s complicated to make something as crazy as the iPhone. Still I bet if you ask anyone they will tell you a story similar to mine where the answer to their problem is very simple.


5 responses to “An Idea…

  1. In all fairness the end of the world is believed to happen in 2012. But not because of pyramid steps like abcd77. It’s believed this way because the Mayan Society created a legendary calendar known as the “Mayan Calendar.” This calendar is 98% accurate to how our calendars are. The final date on this calendar is December 21st 2012. Thus the end of the world. I am a distinct believer in the fact that there will be no “abnormal end” to the world. If the world were to suddenly end it would happen to do hunger or lack of pure water. I do not want to bring religion views into this though, just so I do not offend anyone.


  2. I like what you are saying.I think that the simple way is just common sense though.

  3. I was just avoiding the biblical meaning and possibly should have just used the term “apocalypse” which is often used to refer to the end times in general. I just want to live to see another day. : ) Can’t get any more simple than that!

    And yes as the saying goes, there is always more than one way to skin a cat! (More than one way to solve a problem, and you don’t have to have a degree to do it.)

    Everyone have a great day and may all your problems be small ones!

  4. Hey,Lyon I’m just starting to become a fan of yours.Why don’t you have any banners?

  5. Oh and just pointing this out: the bible says it will end in milions and millions of years. 2012 is not millions and millions of years.

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