Nature’s Correction


     Today in Social Studies I was sitting in my desk writing notes, talking to friends, goofing off, pretty much the usual. I’m good in school, but Social Studies is kind of like a comedy show. This time though something in the notes caught everyone’s attention. We were talking about World Population and how humans almost went extinct at one time. The humans were stuck around 1/3 of a billion people. That’s when medicine was created and the population blew up. We had a list we had to write down…

  • 1950-2000
  •     6.8 Billion
  • 2000-2050
  •     12 Billion???
  •     Or Nature’s Correction???

     At the end we saw our teacher’s estimate of how many people he thought would be around then. Below that though were the words “Or Nature’s Correction???” We all wondered what that meant and it went into a big conversation. Our teacher used an example of how there is too many cats in one place, it always seems that a lot of them get sick and die, therefore they are left with the normal amount of cats. Or another example might be when a lot of deer are around, a hard winter always seems to come and kill half of them off. If you want a real world example, a lot of you have probably heard of europe. It used to be one of the most heavily populated places in the world. That’s when the plauge came around. It was carried by rats all over europe and 2/3 of the people of europe died. He explained that for years scientists have thought that would happen again. A few years ago they thought it would be the bird disease, but it wasn’t, a lot think that the H1N1 virus now might be nature’s correction, but we can’t tell if it is or not yet. People haven’t even thought that it may not happen. Some people’s last theory is the 2012 destruction. A lot of people have heard that the world will end in 2012. Not many of you know the story about it, so I’ll explain it first. The Minoans were a native tribe of North America. They were excellent at making maps, but their empire was conquered many years ago by Spain, and their old empire is now Mexico. Just a few years ago some one found an old calendar of theirs saying the world would end in 2012. Now that you’ve heard the story you need to know why I think this won’t happen. Their 2012 may have been a different time. It could have been 3 years ago, it could be today. The thing is we don’t know. For example in China their calendar is ahead of everyone by far. Simply because their civilization started about 2,000 years before America was even found. So there’s no reason to be afraid. 

     This whole thing did still scare us though, because what about the H1N1 Virus? It hasn’t ended yet so who knows, it could be it. Thing that I noticed, and a lot of people have, is only young kids, elderly people, and people with poor health are the only ones effected badly by the flu. My mom for instance has talked to some very professional doctors about this flu and they said it’s not as bad as even the seasonal flu. I had friends that were out of school for 3-4 weeks because of a seasonal flu, and people only out for 3-4 days because of the flu. So what might be this nature’s correction? I don’t know. Then again it just might not happen.


8 responses to “Nature’s Correction

  1. Absolutely an amazing way to tell the 2012 story Lyon. You didn’t scare people like tv ads, you gave the factual information and supported your opinions with them. For about a year now I have been studying 2012, and i think it is used as propaganda for other people to send us a message. Whether it is a message to change or whatever that message may be. Great job Lyon!

  2. I completely agree with Ilan

  3. When do jobs come out. Sorry just curious

  4. wow thats interesting and i also agree with Ilan

  5. The world will not end on 2012.

    And I thought the 2012 Myth came from the pyramids.You see,some pyramids have steps.And there are only 2012 steps.

    I’m a believer in god,I’m a christen.If you know alot or are a christen or even read the bible before you would know that it talks about the end times or Rapture.If you do not know then I will tell you.

    The bible says that the rapture will happen when the Anti-Christ comes.The Anti-Christ will have great power.Once he has at least the smallest bit of power all christens will disaper.There cloths will stay right were the person was siting or standing.

    This Will be a scary thing for most people.There loved gone.And all the non believers in god will look to the Anti-Christ for help not noing who he is.After the Rapture happens there will be 7 years for any one else left behind to know and to follow god.

    The rest might not be good for little ones to hear.

    If want to learn more about what I’m talking about then read the Last book of the bible “Revelation”Or you can read the book “Left Behind”and its other books.

    forgive me of any of my spelling mistakes,I’m not good with grammer.


  6. I think this is a picture of the kind pyramids I’m talking about but not sure.

  7. Predictions are just that… predictions. Nothing more nothing less.

    Remember the prediction that all computers would shutdown on the millennium? It went on for over year. Didn’t happen.

    It is all speculation and a large percentage of hype.

    As for the flu… every year a new strain of flu virus comes along. Infants are always at risk because their immune system has yet to be developed. The elderly immune system has come to an end… and the impoverished are at risk only because the have little to no health care. They do not have insurance or take advantage of immunization. Simple as that.

    Bible aside…the end of the world prophecy — let’s not enter into that. Let’s leave that for the scholars. 🙂

    Let’s keep a light burning. xD!

  8. ahh i had the swine flu,,, nothing to worrie about 😉 its really not bad at all.

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