Blogging World 411 Job Sign Up


More Jobs Coming Soon Due To High Demand…

      As some of you remember I promised to give descriptions of what each job in the Blogging World 411 article is. I plan to give it to you, and this is also the offical sign up day. When your done reading the descriptions of the jobs please fill out the following template and comment it.

Jobs Availabe (Number of Each Job To Right) Description in blue:

Editor in Cheif(1) The person who keeps everyone in order and makes rue the article in ok and reviews it before it is released.. You make sure everyone is doing their jobs, control weekly meetings, you can fire people with a reason, proof, and permission from Lyon or other higher ranked co-workers. This person needs a strong sense of control, needs to be very responsible, and has the capability to be open to idea.

Design Director(1) The design director works with the editor in chief to make sure that the design of the articles looks like it should be on fire from how great it is. This person needs to have a outstanding design background, a strong sense of athority, and most of all the ability to listen to understand others’ ideas.

Photographers(4) They create the photos for each article. Each will be assigned one article, and 20 days to complete it. They need to have a decent designing background, a good sense of style, and need to listen to their design director.

Authors(4) As you may have guessed the authors write the articles. They need to have a great writing background, lots of skill in the art of language, and need to work with their partnerered photographer for that month.

Publisher (1) The Publisher is the person who takes everyones work and publishes it into an article. Either onto a downloadable file, or a blog that is updated each month. They need to be fast working, take a test to get the job, and coperate with everyone.

Managing Editor (1) The Managing Editor is like the Editor in Chief’s right hand man. He or she must have the ability to check up on people, have lots of responsibility, and control over the people who work for them.

Assistant Editor(1) The managing editor and the assistant editor go over the article before it’s published to see if they find and mistakes and approve of it. The assistant director works together with the managing editor to then give it to the editor in chief. If the managing editor is gone then the assistant editor fills in for them

Critics(2) The Critics write a review each month on whatever they feel like that month. It could be a movie, a book, a blog, a post, an event, anything. They also need to create their own picture for their post therefore need to be good and designing and writing.

     When you are done reading these descriptions and have decided what job you would like fill out the following form and comment it.

Name: John Appleseed


Job You’d Like: Managing Editor

Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because…


     Remember you may not get the job, but you at least have a shot. If you go through the comment and see that someone else has already entered for that job you can still enter, it just means you have competition to see who wins the job. These jobs all take great responsibility and can only be trusted in the right hands. If there is a hard decision to see who gets the job you might get a call back. That would be where I email you and schedule a interview on a classified chat room. The best interview gets the job. It’s a simple as that. Also if you don’t get the job, don’t get depressed, there will be more opening in the future. When people do a good job they get promoted, to a bigger and better job, therefore we need to replace their old spot.

     For those of you who do get jobs you will all be called to a meeting two days after the winners of the jobs are announced. The meeting will be held in a classified chat room. There you can get any questions you have answered. In the future if you do good at your job you might get promoted to a better job, or a new that just got invinted. We will always be creating new jobs for different things, therefore a new job will always be possible to get. If you have any questions on how this works please comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

     Now for those of you who who might get high up jobs you are not the ones controlling the whole article. There is three people who will be above you who will control you. One being myself, and two being classified so you can’t bribe them for promotions or other things. You will also have a team of spies working right beside you lower workers. They will protect anyone from pretending to be other people and trying to destroy the article, and also will make sure you are getting your work done. They will disquise themselves as your fellow co workers. But you’ll never notice it.

So now that I’m done talking comment away!


12 responses to “Blogging World 411 Job Sign Up

  1. Name:Sesinos
    Job:Managing Editor or Author
    I want the job as an Authorbecause i am well educated and Im a great writer. I elaborate alot and i can get the job done. I want the job as a Managing Editor because I am on everyday i am respecful, responsible and i have good leadership skills., or which ever you would like.

  2. Name: Jordan


    Job You’d Like: Design Director. Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because, I am very talented at making graphics. They may not be the best artist ever, but I am very good at creating and designing graphics. I know what a perfect photo needs and I know what a perfect computer graphic needs to look like.




  3. Name: Ilan


    Job You’d Like: Photographer

    Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because…I am good with images and pix.


    Note: Please don’t add me as anything I can make the images but I don’t need to be added. But yes I definitely want the job!

  4. Name: Yogipen
    Blog: (momentarily out of commition)
    Job: Advertiser (Yes, Yes I know it’s not on the list.)

    Why I would like this job: I would really enjoy the ability to test my advertisement skills. I am fairly visual, and as quoted by Chinsetakout “very skilled with choice of words.” Later in a chatroom he offered me to be head of advertisement for his website, which evidently I declined for unimportant reasons.
    I have one of the greatest editting softwares currently available (for movie/video makers) and am resourceful with youtube, such as good tags, title names, etc.
    Basically I want to see how good I am with persuation and advertisement

    Email: (PLEASE REMOVE!) (i dont use this very often for chat, just email.)

  5. Name: Annie


    Job You’d Like: Photographer

    Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because… I like designing images 😀


  6. Name: Josie


    Job You’d Like: Managing Editor

    Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because I’m ok with spelling and punctuation so I wouldn’t mind scanning the articles to make sure the grammar is correct. I wouldn’t mind checking up on people and asking how they’re doing… so yeah.


  7. Name: Pax


    Job You’d Like: Editor In Cheif

    Why You Want The Job: I’m very responsible, I make sure I listen to EVERYONES idea. I’m serious when it comes to jobs like this. I pay close attention to the little things. If I’m picked, i would try my best to visit every meeting, i do not promise anything.


  8. editor in chief**

  9. Name: Chad


    Job You’d Like: Managing Editor or Assistant Editor

    Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because Im responsible, I wont forget about my job, im veery organized, creative, and I work well with others. Im great with spotting Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling errors. Im also someone who is outgoing and wont shy away if somebody is doing their job wrong, Ill tell them how it is and make them fix what they’ve done if they have done something wrong.


  10. hey, when will the jobs be picked?

  11. Name: Carly


    Job You’d Like: Somethin with editing

    Why You Want The Job: I’d like it because this sounds cool! I want to help, and I am best at catching spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb misconjugation, etc. Being in a high school AP Languange and Composition class, I have to be a very good editor, and I can’t make mistakes. Thanks!
    Email: can you get it from my comment, please? its a little more private that way.

    P.S. Once I get the time, I would love to do something with graphic design. I am learning a lot from my Digital Art and Design class!

  12. Wow Lyon, wonderful idea. I think it’s great how you describe out little community as a blogging world. I guess, in a way, it is a cyber-community of kids, and I think it’s really cool. If you need any help whatsoever in publicizing this idea, just comment. Good luck, and goodbye.

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