Ep. 4: Dropping in on London Is Dark Blue With News

      Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin is a song I heard while roaming around a blog known as Abstract Fantasy which I recently made a header for, amother music player from the mixpod craze was on there and I decided to listen to one for once. This was the first song I heard on the Mix Pod and I absolutely loved it. It’s rare for me to post about music on the blog, but this song I loved.

      Now for the Dropping in on London part. Today is the release of it, but it’ll be a little backed up due to the fact that I was cleaning out my folders and acidentally deleted it. I had to re design the entire CSS in a few minutes and is no where near where I’d like it to be. The next Epsidoe 4.25: Back To A Time Of Gods will be a load better.

Now for the new part. A lot of you remember yesterday me saying that I’d have a description of each job for the newspaper today. Sadly that’s not possible due to limited time to do this post. I’m very sorry and I will put them in my next post, but have a good sunday everyone!


6 responses to “Ep. 4: Dropping in on London Is Dark Blue With News

  1. Haha. Thanks for the little shoutout. 🙂

  2. Nice new header ‘n’ CSS.

  3. Just wondering, do you have AIM, MSN… Anything like that?

  4. what font did u use for ur header (the part that says the and blog) and my header?

  5. I love the new CSS design Lyon! It’s really cool 🙂

  6. W00T, London!! 😆

    Lol. I love the design. Even though I live in England, I’ve only ever been to London twice. It was awesome, though. 😀

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