The Blogging World 411

Note 1: Tommrow in the post releasing the new CSS I will have a subsection describing each type of position. Get ready!

blogging411     Today while scowering some Poptropica like I do every once in a while to see what’s up I found some weird costumes, really off topic, but I went to the Poptropica Help Blog to figure out what they were. After reading that I saw a thing they had called the Poptropican’s 911 or something or the sort. It was a newspaper that talked about Poptropica. It gave me an idea. Why don’t I create a magazine that talks about new stuff in our blogging world, not the whole internet, but just people we know, like a story how I made a graphics blog, and stuff. I have a lot on my plate now and can’t do it on my own. Just like the editor in cheif of a magazine can’t do it by him or herself. I am recruting bloggers from everywhere to help. Every one in the newspaper will get a blog such as editor in cheif, main author, graphic manager, ect. I need you people to spread the word as much as possible. Comment the link to this post, anything, but we need more people to get this to work. I’m suspecting we need at least 12 people to get this going. Comment on this post if you’d like to get a job.

Jobs Availabe (Number of Each Job To Right):

Editor in Cheif(1)

Design Director(1)



Publisher (1)

Managing Editor (1)

Assistant Editor(1)


     If we do get enough people to get this to work then here’s how it will go. We will give everyone jobs, then they will do whatever it is they are required to do. Some people will write articles, others will take or design pictures to go with the article, and some people will go through the magazine making sure it’s flawless. Then a group of 2 or 3 people will take these articles and pictures and edit them in a photo editor to make it look like pages in a magizine. After that our publisher (also a job) to compress all the files and make it a story you can download once a month. We will then have a page on lots of blogs that has these downloads available. All the workers will have meetings once a week to make sure that month’s issue is coming along in time. The issue will then be distrubuted on the first monday of each month. 

      This magazine will be about blogs in our little community. It will have posts on closedowns of blogs, newly opened ones, amazing feats by bloggers, blog reviews, and more. Think how cool that would be to go in and read about the newest post Ilan from That Boy Who Blogs saying he has a contest for 15 wordpress credits (not really it’s just an example) or read a review about your blog saying it was outstanding. This will be great, but we need you to spread the word. I will too, but I can’t do it on my own.



22 responses to “The Blogging World 411

  1. Wow, that’s a great idea!

    Do you think I could get a job, maybe? I don’t really know what job I’d want to do though, but would you be choosing what each person does since you’re recruiting them?

  2. I would love a job, I just dont know what all the positions do. Can you please describe each position for me? I’d LOVE to help!

  3. Im thinking either
    ~Managing Editor

    Cant decide, i dont know what they would do.

  4. i want to be one of these:
    -author or managing editor like chad…

  5. I could be an author 😀

  6. I would love to help. When you have more on the specific positions available i will probably apply. Great idea!

  7. kewl idea 😀

    if i were to have a job i’d want it to be-


  8. hey thats a real good idea lyonx. maybe ill aply whne you tell us what u need more of. ill check back k?

    also, do you use GIMP 2 edit all your photos? or what do you use?

  9. Jobs im intrested in:
    ~Managing Editor
    ~Assistant Editor

  10. sounds like a good idea 😀
    i suppose i could be a photographer if you like 🙂

  11. Really intresting… It sounds like a great idea! I’d like to apply for a job. Haha. Could I be author? As long as you through a topic out at me, I could create a whole story about it.

  12. To be honest and not rude, but I don’t really know how the whole ‘putting onto somthing that looks like a newspaper thing’ will work. If it doesn’t heres a quick idea. Make a blog. All those spots could work out in a blog. Ex. News Paste #1 can be the titles and so on. blah blah blah

  13. I’m not so sure about the idea but Being a Critic would be awesome.

  14. Right now I don’t have a ton of free time on my hands, but I could be an editor of some sort. I am good at catching grammatical and spelling errors.

    When I have more time, I could do graphic design if you want…

  15. I’ll do anything available. I could really use the ability to blog again. And now i have free time again…. I can do like advertisements or something. Maybe videos and stuff, or video editting, i’m pretty good at that.

  16. Hey Lyon,

    I think you should get a WordPress.Org blog — you know, self hosted. Then you can get one of the thousands of awesome themes not on

    I can host you for free, and you could just export all your posts and comments from this blog and put it on the self hosted blog 🙂

    All you would need is or you could do (free) 😛


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  18. I would LOVE to help! But I don’t know what to chose! 😦

  19. cool idea but i said i could help out earlier but i just relized i cant! sorry!!!! (not enough free time!)

  20. i would like a job maybe a critic or an author, i am on everyday for like 5 hours so i could do lots of work

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