My Journey… To Now!


     In less then a week is the anniversary of my blog on October 1st. My what I thought to be long lost friend Yogipen commented on my blog today and told me that I write a post about how I got to where I am now. In this post I’ll mention the people who inspiried me, how I got here and the important steps along the way. 


     It all started when I was in fourth grade, three years ago, when one of my best friends, Dalton, introduced me to a game on the internet called Club Penguin, we were inside at recces because that was he had cut his knee open and couldnt go outside and play. But back to the point. When I got home I raced to my dad’s laptop and started to create a penguin 🙂 I used the name Xstermnater7 because that was the same name that was on my RuneScape account that I made a few months before. That’s when I became in love with the game. Before I knew it all my friends played too. I started to find secret cheats on the game and went to google. I searched up Club Penguin Cheats. That’s where it all started.

     The first blog I came to was Paintboy 100’s blog. It’s still alive today at It’s not famous like it used to be at the top of the goggle list. It’s hardly known at all anymore. I kept looking through that blog and others until I stopped for a while at Yogipen’s Club Penguin Help. I don’t know what it was about this blog, but I admired it so much. This blog is dead, but still open at You may have remembered from earlier the friend named Yogipen. Yeah he’s the one who got me started blogging. I commented on his blog that day and he responded saying he’d help me create a blog. He joined as an author and it really ignited from there.


     It had been a whole year since I’d started my blog at I had become a lot more popular and had loved working on it. My dear friend Yogipen was still on my blog and he was a very popular penguin now. I had also made new friends such as a penguin named SnowDobby from and Galika, who’s blog has slipped my mind and is dead now. I also briefly remember visiting a blog run my a penguin named Aguair who you’ll hear about later. That year I created a band called X.Y.P. pro. We made one video that featured S.O.S. by the Jonas Brothers.

     This video was how I got inspired to design graphics. That and the help of SnowDobby. I started making graphics on the what everyone thinks is a bad program, Paint. It got me a long ways, until I decided I just needed something new, I got a program called Paint.NET, I designed a lot with it, and I learned how to become a better designer. That’s when I learned about Photoshop, and I decided I needed something more like it, I was gonna buy, I got all ready, then I read the price. So after the Photoshop dream was lost I gave up designing for a while, stuck with my Club Penguin blog, but it got really boring and led to my Club Penguin blog’s demise.

Late 2008 – Early 2009

     After I stopped posting constantly on my Club Penguin blog I decided to design a real life blog, I didn’t know much about designing then, had no CSS, and hadn’t even tried GIMP yet. I was good at designing, well nothing. It took me a few months to learn how to design. I finally got pretty good, then my hard drive crashed :O I couldn’t belive it, but that set me back for 2 or 3 months. After boring posts, no design, and a dwindling fan base I finally got a Mac, one of the world’s best computers. I came up with a new design style, and stuck to it, it’s even different compared to mine now, and I hadn’t noticed it. There it is below. 

     Somewhere in that mix I left out quite a bit. The part of the story that happened on other blogs. A few weeks after I first started my blog I found a Club Penguin blog on accident. I couldn’t quite remember how I got there, but I did. It started to seem strangley familar. That’s when I learned that it was Aguair’s blog. I had found it once again. We weren’t friends yet and had no idea who ecother were. It started out as me asking him for a type of text he used. From there we became great friends. On his blogroll I also found two blogs that would become utterly important for me later. In that time my friend Yogipen and I slowly driffted apart. I went on to other things and so did he. I came back into play later when him and my other friend, Slider466, got in a huge fight. But back to the story. One day I went to one of the few links on Aguair’s blogroll, it was connor’s blog. A person who I’m glad I lost contact with now. I enterted a contest he had to be a contributer on his blog, and decided that it would help me get more popular. I rightfuly won the contest, but he decided not to add me for “reasons” as he called it. That same day is when I was added as a contributer on Aguair’s blog because he had turned his blog into a real life blog, it was amazing. I was humilited, laughed at, and insulted mutiple times, and ended up leaving. Aguair was sad, but continued on making a new site and let the blog die along with others. You can still find his blog today at Yes, Aguair is Keith, the person who got me here. His original new blog was but he forgot to pay the bill for the site and it was lost forever. I lost contact with him. Before I left Keith’s old dying blog I visited the most important link I’ve ever clicked on. It said “Redcowz”.

2009- Now


     Yes, Recowz blog, now known as the “That Boy Who Blogs” blog. I found it off Keith’s blog and love it now too. I commented on one of the first posts I found on it and soon became friends with Ilan, the owner of the blog. He added me as a contributer a few weeks after JavaLama, a now also missing blogger, who was an amazing blogger. I posted there and instead of being humilitated like at Keith’s blog I was welcomed in. If I messed up the viewers and Ilan helped me, not critisize me. I loved the blog, and it was a peaceful place. I got too busy on it though and resigned. In my place Sssaam was hired and it all turned out great. There at least.

     One day I had a contest, it has nothing to do with the story, but it is how a part started. It was a snowboard design contest. It’s the way I met one of my favorite friends Carly, whos still going strong at She won with an amazing snowboard design and I loved it. In that time my friend Yogipen entered and lost, but started a business for it on his blog. He got tons of hits, and I loved it. That’s when my old apprentice Slider466 came to him. They hadn’t talked much after I left them stranded as authors on my old blog, neither mad at me, but with ecother. Slider was furious with Yogipen for no apparent reason and planned to destroy his blog. It may sound dramatic, but this was one of those apprentice gone bad stories. I came in and had to stop him and I think may have destroyed his blogging career, his blog is dead at and I don’t feel bad about it at all.

Carly’s Entry For The Prize In My Contest

     After the little problem with Yogipen I lost most contact with him. He posted less and less often, and I left him, but he would come back into the story once again later. Everything was pretty much peacful in the blogging world other then the little problem with Yogipen, but that was kept in the shadows. Everything was peacful and quite, Ilan and I still talked and that’s when something serious happened. We had a hacker. I posted about it here and you can read all of its details, but I never announced who it was. Until now. Ilan didn’t want me to say so, but we found out who it was and tried to get their blog deleted. It was Sssaam’s rivals. Yeah they were the people who tried destroying the Panic Button, That Boy Who Blogs, and Lyon’s Life. They learned how to change their IP adress so it looked different. But the IP adress from their regular accounts and their new fake one went to the same location.  Until now they have no idea we found out about it and were peacefully sitting back thinking they had tons of power. They didn’t though. Ilan and I have been watching all our blogs and been watching out for them latelly. After that incident everything was ok and this story is almost at current time, but we left out one detail.

     When Contrasted Color, the graphics blog created by the famous styling of Bbfreeze and Ilan, was released my graphics were crushed into the ground. My graphics store was getting old anyways and I needed to create something new because mine was horrible. I created a blog called Lyon Shore. It got more hits in it’s first month then Lyon’s Life did in it’s first three. I got boatloads of orders, and was sunk in them, but since it was summer I got through them all. When school came I barely caught up, then a bomb of orders exploded in my dashboard and I gave up, two days ago Lyon Shore was closed. In it’s place Feelin’ Like Graphics opened up. The graphics blog in which I teamed up with graphics progidy, Josie from It will be released a week from today.

      Looks like this post has finally caught up to us in real time. Later this week I will release a post thanking all the people who helped me get to here. Also on October 1st I will make a 1 year anniversary post. I can’t wait to get to that point in my blogging career.


How did you visist this blog and meet me?



12 responses to “My Journey… To Now!

  1. Hai. I was wondering if you would like to enter my contest @

  2. I found your blog via Ilan’s blog, and have been visiting here regularly even though I haven’t commented often… sorry. But yeah. Oh, and I commented my picture of your site’s hits on your post about the race to 10,000 hits. 🙂 Congrats on 10,000!

  3. Wow! You have a big blogging history! 🙂

  4. Correction. The blog is in a long term appsence. It will be picked up sometime in the future haha.

  5. And i was glad to be such an inspiration on the bloggin career. 😉

  6. Jordan-I may I’m very busy now
    Annie-Good job winning the contest, and thanks! 🙂
    Josie-Ya if I went into details I could write a novel, maby if I get famous I will 😀
    Yogipen- Ya you were an amazing help, btw PIXKIDS maby I will suscribe to you


  8. I will see if I can remain calm despite the public service announcement. I will stop, drop and roll right after I leave my comment.
    I put on my biggest thinking cap and tried my level best to come up with how I found this site and you. I think it was through Yogipen. He and I had several common blogger friends between us. Giambinny25 was the first one. One of my best CP friends. Orvab, Straw, Snowdobby (and does anyone remember the other Greek snowdobby’s friend, Foites…he was hilarious! )etc. Wow, I’m getting old. 😆 I used to visit Yogipen’s site now and again.

    Then you became an author on Ag’s (Keith) site. That is when I started really to look at ya. Keith and I go way back, even before you. That was a short run for you.

    You used to blog under another name. Just goes to show ya…. the names change, but the faces stay the same.

    What a nice trip down memory lane. I might need crutches soon. 😆

  9. I see your Css is back. Good recovery.

  10. There is a security exploit going around, and it could affect anyone not using the most up-to-date version of WordPress at the moment, which is WordPress 2.8.4. See the following a good writeup on how old WordPress versions are under attack.

  11. Thank you so much Lyon. Wow the most important link you ever clicked on. Thanks dude it means a lot. I am wondering if you would mind if i put that on my blurbs on the sidebar. I won’t until i get your permission.

  12. Wow, amazing post! I love the elaborateness!

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