Passed Out Today

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I have been insanely busy lately. Well a few weeks ago I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I was doing fine. All of a sudden accouple days ago my mouth started getting soar. My mom took my to the doctor this morning and she said it would be a quick appointment just to cheak it out. Anyways a big 4 inch needle came to my mouth and I just fainted. My mom said that my eyes were rolling around in my head and I started curling in a ball :/ . kinda odd….. well what they did hurt really bad, I was crying and I NEVER cry when I am hurt. The pain felt like was a never ending shot in your mouth… OWW!
Thats it!


2 responses to “Passed Out Today

  1. Haha.. I onced passed out at school, I was just sick that day and I suddenly passed out in the hallway! But I didnt curl into the ball or anything I just passed out and I didnt stay that way for long cause I was with my friends 🙂

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