Feelin’ Like Graphics!


     Feelin’ Like Graphics, the newest graphics blog, and hopefully one of the best. Where Lyon and Josie team up to create more then either could do on our own. We both have different styles, and yet they are similar at the same time. The last few weeks the pressure has been building upon us, and we finally broke. There was no way we could continue a graphics blog all alone. Read on to learn when this blog will open, where it is, and get all the whys to why we did this 😀

     It all started on Saturday when I finally decided to come back to twitter. I decided to follow Josie since she’s one of my close friends, and the best designer I’ve ever seen. We started talking about the new widgets I had designed for my blog and that she was doing the same thing. We also talked to Ilan for a brief moment and he talked to me about GIMP and then he left. Shortly after Josie mentioned how she had gotten backed up with her orders of Feeling Red Graphics. I looked at her blog and saw some amazing headers that I never could have made myself. I couldn’t help gazing at some of my favorite ones she’s made and it took off from there.

My favorite one of Josie’s headers.

      Currently were racing against time to get this thing done before next Monday which is when we should release it to the Public. For those of you who have found it already then hold on to order, this isn’t one of those pre planned blogs like Lyon Shore, it’s rushed to it’s full extent. Due to it being the school year we will have some ordering limits, but we will still try our best to get your orders done quickly. Contrasted Color has died so now we are the only surviving graphics blog in our small blogging world, so now were trying to help you guys. 

      Not many of you know Josie and I understand that, she’s a new blogger and I don’t want you making fun of her. Before I was as popular as I am now on the internet I was made fun of on the insanely popular blog at augiar.wordpress.com I quit being an author on that blog because of it and that may have been one of the worst choice in my blogging career. I could probably have 50,000 hits by now and been more popular then anyone in this small blogging world. So don’t make fun of her, make fun of her graphics, or anything. 

      I hope you all like this new blog when it comes out. The link to it is hidden somewhere on this blog, but no one should ever find it. I will release the blog to everyone on Monday!


4 responses to “Feelin’ Like Graphics!

  1. Awesome, I’ll be sure to order when it opens ;D I love your graphics and Josie’s too 🙂

  2. So will I!

    Check out my blog, new sweet post.

  3. Wow, thanks for showing one of my headers, Lyon! 😀

    And is the site already made? If it’s not, I’ll make it if you want. 🙂

  4. Hey Lyon. Long time no talk. I’ve basically quit bloggin to a point. I’m in a bigger school, older and everything. I dont know what I want to do. Not sure if i want to adapt my ideas to youtube or just text (wordpress).
    Anyways, I think you should make a post about your past. You know, the XS7 years. Maybe even show off how good you were at graphics a year or two younger. And remember to show this video that you and i made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbDU4Us4lX8&feature=channel_page
    Brings back memories huh?

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