Middle School Drama Is Back


     The long awaited Middle School Drama advice post is back. It may not be weekly like it used to be, but I’ll try to give you advice all year long. This post will not have any tips, but I had to announce that this is continuing. I didn’t plan on continuing this until I read a teen help blog at http://passinglovenotes.wordpress.com It is all about how to survive your teenage life . When will the M.S.D. program start again? Sometime! 😀


4 responses to “Middle School Drama Is Back

  1. i love that blog so much

  2. Cool! And Passing Love Notes rocks – I only discovered it like 3 days ago though lol. xD

  3. cool I’ll check them out when you post them! and passing love notes is a pretty cool blog! I also discovered it like a week ago.. maybe less 😛 :mrgreen:

  4. Lyon I did not appreciate your comment on the css i did for chad. You did not give me my css codes, you helped me, but I had css before your blog was even out. I have tons of books on css.

    Just wanted to clarify that…

    Haha the middle school drama posts are awesome and people love them including me. 😀

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