Episode 3: Seattle’s Suprise


     Two or three weeks ago at the release of the Rise Of New York theme I promised that I would continue with a monthly CSS plan. Thus Seattle’s Surprise was born. Not much changed in the making of this CSS only a few color changes and a little bit more work, but it stayed about the same. Why did it take more then only a week then? Because there was a lot of bug fixes, I had lots of complaints about little bugs here and there, but the other part was I was really lazy. So what’s the suprise in this title? It came early! To read more about the technical parts and how exactly I designed this CSS read on.

     This CSS was one of the least challenging I’ve ever done. I stayed with the same theme, and the code stayed almost the same. Even the checkered background. I changed a little bit now that I’m learning more about HTML but the looks didn’t change, the new coding just made it load quicker. One example of this is taking the h1, h2, h3, h4, ect. tags and putting them all into one tag. I found tons of coding shortcuts that helped a lot. Fitting the CSS into my design style though was more work then I expected. 

     Using GIMP and all I have a few disadvantages, one of those being that I sometime have to design different items for each kind of browser. For example, Safari on a Mac works a lot differently then Firefox on a Toshiba Laptop. I had to find a new neutral filetype, jpg wasn’t strong enough, jpeg wasn’t easy to edit and only worked on internet well. I eneded up sticking with png. Internet browsing may not be what its used for, but it works better then every other kind. In the future I may figure out how to get a way for users to change all my images to gif which load quickly and would be great for any dial up users. 

     Now a few of you probably skipped to this part, which I can understand. I know you are wondering what the next theme will be and I’m happy to reveal it for once 🙂 Unlike my last few themes this one is not gonna be based off of a city. It’s a whole lot bigger then that. It’s the whole world. I know not all my viewers are based off the U.S. and I’d like to show you I know that. But since I can’t show the whole world in one theme I’m gonna make quick one week themes for 4 weeks. Leaving from the airport in Seattle I’m flying right over the United States, across the seas and to the country of the U.K. After that I leave to stop in the nearby country of Greece. I’ll hang out there and take a cruise all the way to China. On my last stop around the world I will stop in the right nearby country of Canada. I know there’s so many countries I’m missing, but this is not the only trip I’m making around the world. In a spring issue of themes I will travel around the world again. To request for me to visit your country comment on this post 🙂

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4 responses to “Episode 3: Seattle’s Suprise

  1. I usually use png too. I never really knew the advantages of gif (besides animation) because when I used to use paint, saving it as a gif would make it look crappy.
    Anywho, you should do Denver, Colorado! It could be all mountain themed. Or Boulder, where I live! It could be Democratic and Hippie themed! haha
    How to you get the grunge look? O see you have a cityscape and then a checkered layer over that but the checkers have grungyness…how did you do that?

    I cant wait to see your new CSS designs!

  2. Oh cool – London! I live nearish London so I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 😀

  3. Well I’m from Syria.. though you probabley don’t know where that is… 😆 I don’t think you can come up with anything for Syria but I hope you try! 🙂

  4. Depending on this setting, files are either stored directly at the hard drive of your server or in a database. You can even change this setting at run-time without affecting existing files. Everyone has their favorites.

    Take a detour, go to France. ツ

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