A Band From The Shadows


     As you may or may not remember, months ago I helped form a band called Mistaken. Now with them up on their feet and writing more songs including their newest single, Shot Through Time, I am going to start a new band and lead them to fame. The name is a mystery, but some of you may have found the possible name and logos in some previous posts. These are not official, but you may want to look into them and get an idea of what they might be.

     Currently I am the only member of the band, but I am looking all around the country for possible members. So far I have two canidates from  Kansas and one from Idaho. For now though I am creating my own song that’s written just by me and no other band members. I am just starting on the draft and am using an amazing app called Lyric Pad to write it. 

     So when will this amazing band be announced? Sometime!!!! lol. Actually I have no idea when I will release the name of the band, probably not until the band gets on iTunes because announcing the bands name will practically be announcing my whole identity. So I will wait a while for that.


3 responses to “A Band From The Shadows

  1. I think i have a good idea of what the name is. And i’m pretty sure it has to do with an eagle… ;D

  2. You’ll need a tour bus, just to get together. xD

  3. Dang, you are SO GOOD with that editing software! You should make tuturials! For me! How do you get that grunge look? Share your secrets, O Mighty One!

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