Random Blog Review: Codien’s Blog

A new little once a month event. Do you get to choose who’s blog gets reviewed? Nope! 🙂


      An unknown blog, unless you play poptropica and go to the PHB (Poptropica Help Blog) How did I find it? I can’t remember 🙂 


      Even without CSS this blog is one of the best I have ever seen. From everything to it’s header and it’s creative sidebar I love it. I am not very modest when it comes to design, but this is the best I’ve ever seen. It may not have a background, or anything else, but the thing looks great. 

Design Rating: 4.5/ 5


     Codien posts roughly 2 times a week. I do like his posts, but I wished he put more into them, and cared about his blog more. He may have a wonderful design, but that wont get him everywhere. I can’t make a paragraph on critisim so I’ll just give my bad rating.

Writing Review: 2.5/5

Total Review: 7/10

Where’s this amazing site? codein.wordpress.com


7 responses to “Random Blog Review: Codien’s Blog

  1. Hey Lyon!

    It’s me Keith/Ag. It’s been a long time, how are ya? 🙂

  2. whats his website? u shud probably add that in ur reviews

    Yeah post a link, Lyon, haha

  4. Oh, I used to go to that blog when I became addicted to Poptropica for like a week! Lol. It helped me a lot. 🙂

  5. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    You aren’t even giving us a link to his site? What kinda review is this? Idiot.

  6. Wow! Somebody has reviewed my blog already!

    I’m wondering how you found it because only people from Poptropica usually visit.

    I will improve my writing, i only just started and have been on holidays but i will be adding some cool new stuff soon.

    Thanks for the wonderful review.


  7. P.S The link is wrong.

    You have it as codein.wordpress.com

    It’s codien.wordpress.com

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