Race To 10,000 Hits Mini Contest

10000hits     As my blog is coming up on it’s one year anniversary I keep wondering why I don’t have as many hits as other blogs. I’ve tried many techniques, but  none of them have worked. While other blogs such as Ilan’s blog are getting two hundred hits per day I’m hardly scrapping by with fifty on average per day. That’s why I am creating my one last attempt to get at least 10,000 hits before my blogs one year anniversary. I am having a little mini contest that will be on until I get 10,000 hits.

How To Win:

Get The First Picture Of My Blog Getting 10,00 hits Or Over


If You Comment Lots, Tell Your Friends, Ect.

Your Prize:

You’ll just have to see 😉


17 responses to “Race To 10,000 Hits Mini Contest

  1. Yay, awesome I think i’ll participate (;

  2. Of late, you have been getting quite a bit of traffic due to your visiting other sites. But having said that, what difference does it really make? Each blog seems to have it’s own following. I realize it is disappointing to put so much time and effort into your blog and not get the return you hoped for, but your turn to get 200 hits a day (really ?), is just around the corner. You should appreciate the 50 ppl and say it loudly an often. Some ppl don’t even get that. Have you ever made any vids and posted them here?

    Congrats on you impending anniversary! I believe I know the date… and will give you a big hurrah.

  3. cool ill try to get the pic 😉

  4. So will i.

    I’ll visit a few times a day to help with views. 😀

  5. I visit several times a day on a good day. xD

    I just noticed you removed your blog roll. I can’t leap frog my way through life now. HA!!!!

  6. I would repeat my comment made here on Ilans site, but that would be too repetitive, and I would think giving anymore “hits” to his blog would be silly. ROFL…

    I wonder why the ppl on that blog aren’t commenting on your posts. Perhaps they are saving up. xD

  7. anybody know how to screenshot on a macbook? there isnt a screenshot button on the keyboard!

  8. Dunya… different versions of Mac (OS X) have different formats for screenshots.

    Command-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it as a file on the desktop or Command-Control-Shift-4, then select an area: Take a screenshot of an area and save it to the clipboard.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Closing in on 9000 hits. Looking good Lyon.

  10. Cool, I’ll try and get a good pic of it!

  11. It is a Woot-Out. You reached 9,000 plus hits today.

    Congrats. : )

  12. Either you or Ilan deleted by review comment on the apps post on his site. That sucks.

  13. Talk about the power of suggestion, now it shows up on his site. Must be a glitch.

  14. I have been getting less that 50 now, too.
    But don’t let it bug you! It doesn’t bug me. Don’t alter yourslef in any way at all just so you can please the crowds.
    Love you!

    P.S. probably wont win, but I will try 🙂

  15. Ya that sucks doesn’t it.I had my blog for almost a year now and I’m at 9,somthing to.It makes you fell Blashhuyrhf doesn’t it?

  16. There we go;
    I got a picture of 10,021 hits, which is what it’s at now.

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