Hollister V.S. Aeropostale


      Everyone who knows me in real life will know that Hollister and Aeropostale are some of my favorite clothing brands. They are both very cool, and some of the teens most popular clothes. Which is better? Read on to find out!

     Out of the two, Hollister is my favorite, which honestly, may affect the winner, but shouldn’t there be a reason I like it better 😉 I’d say I have half a dozen hollister shirts. Hollister is more a champion of the west coast, which makes since consedering that’s where they are based. Are they better though? Lets see 😉


Their Clothes Are Comfortable, And Great Looking

There Is New Stuff Almost Every Month

Clothing Isn’t Over Priced


Some Boy Shirts Look Girly

Some Of The Sweatshirts Are Over Priced

Some Freaking Awsome Hollister Stuff:


Aeropostale, the place for cool people. It’s where I get all of my shorts and jeans, and it has some rocking necklaces. It’s taken over the east cost and is moving toward the plains, which is where Aero and Holl should meet at.


The Clothes Are Comfortable

They Got Some Tricked’ Out Neckalces

The Shorts Rock


Some Of The Shirts Look Wierd

Quite A Lot Of Things Are Overpriced

Some Aeropostale Clothes:


Whos The Winner? Hollister!


26 responses to “Hollister V.S. Aeropostale

  1. Cool post 😀
    I’ve never actually heard of Aeropostale, xD, must be one of those more American brands I suppose 😆

  2. im american and ive never heard of aeropostale lol. i love billabong and abercrombie, hollister to.

  3. I love hurly, Hollister, Abercrombie, Pacsun. (expensive :O)

  4. CHAD HOW HAVE U NEVER HEARD OF AEROPOSTALE! Well I like both of them… but hollister is rlly expensive i got a $200 sweatshirt form hollister i prefer Pacsun, and Zumiez you should do one between pacsun and zumiez! 🙂

  5. also i dont think the stuff at aeropostale is overpriced xP

  6. I like them both.

    I think Hollister leans to the college market.

    I think Aéropostale (which is French for airmail) tends to lean toward the younger teens.

    Your paying for a name, so big bucks are always going to be leaving your wallet.

    Yah, I buy more Hollister .

    Abercrombie (and Fitch…), Gilly Hicks and Ruehl No. 925 are all owned together with Hollister. . All good stuff.

  7. nice post.. i like both 🙂

  8. hmmmm. i honestly like aeropostale better. lol

  9. aero is over-priced and hollisters not?! o_O where do u live?!

    i dont like either- it feels like im a walking billboard or somethin cuz hollister has da seagull or hollister on it & kinda da same with aero but i like aero better. and abercrombie??? ewww…who wants an ugly moose on their shirt/sweatshirt/pants?!

    PACSUN FTW!!!!

  10. I think dat aeropostale is better

  11. Actually Hollister is overpriced not Aeropostale.
    I personally love them both though (:

  12. cool how much is aeropostale jeans+shorts>?

  13. I’ve been shopping at both places,and Aeropostale seems to be having more sales lately,and better prices than Hollister.On the other hand,Hollister has some REALLY nice quality button-downs.A lot more stylish than those at Aeropostale. =)

  14. i really like both brands but i shop at aeropastle more so……..newho……smoochexz

  15. hollister is better and more quality but
    aeropostle is were i mostly go because it is cheaper
    but abercrombie and hollister r wat i lik better there cooler and the clothes look better

  16. i like em both but i would pick aeropostale over hollister any day. Why?
    Most Clothes are cheaper
    They have a wider variety of colors
    Great for pre-teens and teens

    I ❤ aeropostale

  17. I Personally think Hollister is better its a little spendy but their shirts are thicker and their clothing is much cuter. 😀

  18. diana torres

    ummm ilike both & forr ppl that havent hurd of aeropostale are idiots no ofence lmao!!’:D

  19. i think both of them are very fashinable lol

  20. also think hollister is very coool because i know the founder of it aand i can get dicounts so if u want some reply to me on this website and i will hook u up

  21. hay guys what do u suggest if a brand like Hollister and Aeropostale wants to have its logo what it should be like, seagull, Moose, crocodile, eagle or anything better u suggest

  22. Hollister is better quality and i like it better but aero is cool to.

  23. aropostales clothes sometimes look old after washing but i like holister better.

  24. aeropostale is better

  25. hollister sucks

  26. brandon boutros

    Hollister all the way I feel that aeropostale is cheap and low quality and people where it just be cool

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