Free Lance


     Not many of you know what the term “free lance” means. The word defines someone who is self employed and looking for work. That would be me! I decided to use a term that used to be used in medieval times that described a knight who was unemplyed and looking for work. I figured out that no matter how hard I try to help my friends on wordpress I just can’t help much without being on their blog. I decided to become what I call a free lance and work for anyone anytime. You can hire me to blog as a contributer or author, post design on your blog, or just be in charge of a certain page. Whatever you need I can do. Just comment on this post, or the page I am making where you can hire me. I will only be working for a certain amount of blogs, so you may want to comment fast.

Jobs Taken: 0/5

The image above is one of the old fashioned symbols for a free lance.


3 responses to “Free Lance

  1. Hey sorry I didnt post. I was busy with hs and stuff.

  2. cool, i don’t need help with graphics at the moment but i will definately come to you in the future

  3. Very generous of you! Freelance opportunities have grown exponentially with the rise of the Internet.

    As a freelancer you have an excellent opportunity to help others without a long-term commitment and fine hone your computer skills at the same time. Just an excellent idea. =]

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