Weekly App Review: Doodle Jump


     Doodle Jump, one of the biggest apps on the app store. It’s been popular since the day it came out. There is so many good parts about this game and it’s so fun. What makes it so fun? It’s just so simple. It doesn’t try to become too complicated. It’s just a little guy that jumps up platforms. It’s simple yet addictive.

     Doodle Jump was also the first game to form a crossover with another app. It crossed over with the amazing Pocket God pocketgod This crossover puts an easter egg in Doodle Jump. When you die on Doode Jump you can enter a name for the leader board. Instead of your regular name  change the name to Ooga. The next time you play you will be a pygmy the throws coconuts. It’s really fun and makes it kinda funny.


The game is highly addictive

Doodle Jump has great graphics

Updates are always frequent adding items such as jetpacks or propeller caps 


Honestly I couldn’t find any 🙂

Rating: 5/5


3 responses to “Weekly App Review: Doodle Jump

  1. A highly addictive arcade game! It was number one in the US and France for some time. Where else can you get such fun for a buck by shooting paramecium’s from you snout? Just trying to beat others player’s scores is obsessive!!! The accelerometer also gives you amazing game control. Not really an original, but maybe even better. : )

    5/5 ☺ Better than doodling in a boring class.

  2. That looks like an awesome app! I’d buy it if I had an iPhone or iTouch, lol.
    And thanks for the comment on my blog! It means a lot! 😀

  3. My dad has this app – it’s SO addicting! I love it!

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