Blogger V.S. WordPress


     Lately I keep seeing more and more blogger blogs popping up.Why? I don’t know. That’s why this week I went around trying to figure out what is better, Blogger or WordPress.


     I have quite an experience with Blogger, at one point I even had a blog on it. It was one of my most failed attempts yet. Was it just me? I don’t think it was. I may have not been as skilled then as I was now, but it just didn’t seem very user friendly. The designs were poor, the CSS was almost impossible to edit, and so many other things just didn’t go right. I did seem to have just as many good things about it too.


Bloggers Has Free CSS

The Widgets Allow HTML Code Unlike WordPress

You Van Put Ads On Your Blog Unlike Wordpres


The Dashboard is Hard To Navigate Around

The Design Templates Are Horrible

Lots Of Ads Get Displayed On Your Blog By Google

Average Blogger Blog

Picture 1


     All of my blogs are on WordPress and I love them all. I’ve explored WordPress for years and there is nothing better. Even when they changed the old Dashboard to the current one it was still very easy to find your way around. WordPress may not have free CSS, but the themes are better then blogger’s by far, and no one could probably create one as good by themselves. WordPress may not be well known in the internet world, but it is great.


There is amazing free design templates

The dashboard is easy to navigate

Security is top notch

Customer support is amazing!


Lots of things cost money

There is a few minor glitches in the program

An Average WordPress Blog:

Picture 1

     Even after my search that took who knows how long I still haven’t found my answer to why so many people are switching over. I think we all know the answer to the winner of this now 😉



6 responses to “Blogger V.S. WordPress

  1. yeah wordpress is a lot better.. well first, more people of *our society* use wordpress. which is a good enough reason on its own anyways. i don’t even know anybody who use blogger. well, that mimo dude is a first but i don’t play cp anymore, so i won’t be visiting his site.

  2. Blogger sucks, man!
    I tried one, too, and the user interface is really lame! I couldn’t figure out how to do anything!
    I love WordPress so much. It is by far the most user-friendly place to blog. But it still has CSS type stuff for thos of us who want more options 🙂

  3. I have no idea how 2 use blogger.. I suck at it! WordPress (i think) is waaaaaay better 😉

  4. I’ve had 1 blog on blogger, its really confusing, and my site looked kind of boring because the templates were pretty boring. And the dashboard was really confusing…
    Wordpress is cool 😉 Its easier to navigate around and there are cool designs even though things cost money!
    Hey look, thats my blog in the screenshot xD 🙂

  5. Like everything else, it is a matter of preference.

    Blogger now offers an opportunity for those who use it to return money to charity. Good hook there.

    There are apps for iPhone. You can have automatic updates to your blog with Twitterfeed. It gives you a search engine for your blog, other blogs, Flickr, Youtube, Picasa, etc. Maps may be added as well as pluggins; Firefox and IE and of course free templates.

    Mimo has always used this. You can turn off the ads.

    It is just nice to have options.

    Great discussion topic.

  6. I tried blogger like a couple months ago, I hate it… It stinks… WordPress is soooo much better! Its so much easier to use, and the templates are soo much better! I also like wordpress better than blogspot because wordpress sounds cooler 😉

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