Episode 2: Rise Of New York! Coming Soon!


     Yes, I am making a New York Theme CSS. The inspiration just came to me out of nowhere. I was trying to recreate a pattern that was on my swim suit at first just to see if I could do it and thought of making it into a theme. At first I thought of turning it into a theme based on Seattle, one of my favorite cities. When I was looking for a vector of the space needle I found the statue of liberty. It gave me the inspiration to create a new theme based on N.Y.

     There is no exact date to when the new theme will come out, but it should be completed soon. I still have to edit the CSS, change all of the colors, test it for glitches, and more, but as hard as that seems it doesn’t take long. The sneak peek above is the repeat background. I still have to work on the header, but it should be done very soon. Estimations are that it will be released in September. Along with this I will try to get used to a schedule of a new CSS theme every month.

     With these new themes every month I will complete them in an episode feature. Considiring I orignally got this idea in the process of making my current beach theme CSS it will have been the first theme. It will be now called Episode 1: Surf’s Up For Summer! The next New York Stlye theme will be named Episode 2: Rise Of New York.

Look through the post and you will also find the theme of our next CSS theme that’s to be released in October.


3 responses to “Episode 2: Rise Of New York! Coming Soon!

  1. wow, then i guess your gonna be kinda busy editing all of those.. well gud luck!!

  2. You might say it is a work of art in progress. How timely too. It can be a tribute to 9/11. Possibly the image came to you subconsciously. : )

  3. im from seattle lol

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