Back To School Commenting Contest!


     Some of you people are already in school, some this may be your first day of school, and others may not have even started school yet. But September and August are always remembered for the first little bit of school. Not many people want to go back to school after the awsome summer, but I’m gonna make at least one fun part to the summer. A Back To School Contest! Since it’s a back to school contest your gonna win some stuff to go back to school. 

How To Win!

Comment as much as you can on this post. Person with the most comments wins!

You can comment about anything!

What You Could Win!

A Online Code For Barns & Noble To Get Some New Books!

A $10 Off Coupon For Aeropostale for some Rockin’ New Clothes

A Virtual Ribbon To Show Off!

     The end of summer should at least have some fun to it! So comment away and see if you can win some stuff to go back to school with!


6 responses to “Back To School Commenting Contest!

  1. so what are we ment to do? like a commenting contest or something?

  2. I don’t get the contest.. What r we supposed 2 do??
    ~ confused ~

  3. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it cleary states that it’s a commenting contest in the title and the how to win section.

  4. What R we supposed 2 comment about?? Do you mean 2 comment on this post??

  5. Beauty, I’m sorry if I made this unclear. You are simply supposed to comment on this post more then anyone else to win. You can comment about anything!

  6. Ohhhhh… Now I get it!! Guess I was a little sleepy earlier, sorry! 🙂

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