Weekly App Review: Harbor Master

       To give something that gets posted regularly each week I created a weekly app review. Each week I will write an app review with a special picture I made promoting it. This week I will be reviewing Harbor Master.

harbor master

        Harbor Master is a new iPhone app that is becoming more popular each day. It is a copy of the amazing app called Flight Control. As similar as it is Harbor master is more exciting then Flight Control by far. At a simple price of $0.99 it is one of the best apps on the app store. Luckily Apple approves of it too unlike many good apps and has put it on the featured apps list 3 times. One of the things that makes this great app better then Flight Control is its areas that you can play in. Each time a new one is released it is called a new “episode.” The release one of these new episodes every two weeks and they each have either a new area or a new crossover.

     Another one of this games specialties is it’s crossover with other games. The idea of crossovers with other apps was origanlly created by Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump.  Their most recent crossover was with Pocket God in their Episode Four. Episdoe four: Pocket God Attacks is one of the best crossover promotions I have ever seen. To activate the Pocket God Pygmies into the game you must hold your finger on the Harbor Master Logo for a few seconds. Then a dancing  pygmy drops out of the sky. Then in the game the little boats are pygmies doing the back stroke. 

Pros: This game is really creative and thanks to the new episodes every other week it never gets too boring. This game i also easily coded and does not take too much time to load such as other games lie Pocket God. It has great graphics and no glitches I’ve found.

Cons: This game does get very boring in between updates and is easily forgot about. 

Rating: 4/5


One response to “Weekly App Review: Harbor Master

  1. Very good review Lyon! I think you were spot on.

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