First Days of a New Life

Hey! Monday was my first day of a new school, first day of middle school, and first day of 6th grade and I didn’t know ANYONE. My school is cauld LAB and I will not tell you what it stands for because it has some info I can’t share in it. Now, I am at the botom of the food chain for the 1st time in 7 years. Here is EVERYTHING about my day:
First, I went to my locker. I have a bottom locker next to a over-weight guy who takes up ALL the space, and the locker on top of mine the girl takes SO long to get her books,and she just stands there in the way talking to her friends

After that I went to math which is my home room class. My teacher is really nice.

Then I got my books and went to social studies. My teacher is funny and the classroom is colorful and decorated with abundh of Indiana jones stuff


Now I’m in English class. My teacher is kinda boring,no offence mrs.hold.


Next, I went to my home room, which is math, and met my teacher Mrs. Loftis. She is REALLY nice ! Then I went to my locker and went to my Social Studies class

My social studies teacher is kinda boring, no offence mrs. Hild

Art Time/study skills: we rotate from art to study skills every day


Religion, My teacher is super cool!

P.E- we didnt do ANYTHING, role call took the hole period

Time for Science: I got some homework well, shes nice?!?

YAYYYY! I made a few friends: Aly, Vanessa, and Rachel
Well,Thats it! Please commenttt.



One response to “First Days of a New Life

  1. DARNET!!!!!!!!!!I feel like I’m the only kid that’s in 6th grade and not in middle school yet!stupied county!

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