Writer’s Block

Every artist or writer has writer’s blocks. Latelly Ive been having some between coming up with ideas to write for the blog and for writing other things. When I write this post I can think about a lot of things Id like to post about, but writing them I get stuck. Everyday you can look around you and find great inspiration. Like those deer that always roam around my backyard, look at the guitar or keyboard in my room and think about writing a song. I could do so many things, and yet until I wrote this post I never thought about them. I could add another paragraph on how this post was not pre planned out like my other posts, but this is my original train of thought. It’s so weird what you can think of just by looking around. This post was just quickly written down and as much of a post as it is a idea list for the future.


4 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. Good “food’ for ‘thought’.

  2. I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  3. Nice site!
    Cool post!
    Comment back 😉

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