Government Website Takes Over Your Computer

     Some people may have already heard about this, but the website called can take over your computer. If your smart you will not go to that website. I know I will get negative comments because of this post, but this is very alarming. Many people trust the government and would not give a second thought about doing this, but you should. On the site if you click on I agree on the Privacy Policy page something will pop up stating that while logged into the website your computer is property of the U.S. government and all files on your computer can be accsessed at any time by the U.S. government and any approved domestic and foreign agencies. Don’t belive me still? Watch this video then.

     If you watch this video until the end you will also read that if you use Skype the government can legally listen to your phone calls to anyone any time they feel like. This is mainly just for security I understand, but it is just not right for the government to do.Any of this. It is invading our privacy.  

What do you think of what the government is doing?


7 responses to “Government Website Takes Over Your Computer

  1. Holy crapp I didnt even know about that site until now, thanks!

  2. wow. i think the government does that to “keep this world safe” or whatever but this world is already like….un-safe or whatevr.

    but rlly, thats like takin advantage of people…the government shouldnt do that. people arent gonna trust em.

  3. If you are hooked up to technology… “Big Brother” is going be there too. It is the sign of the times.
    ………………….. Welcome to the free world. : ) ………………..

  4. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  5. Thanks for showing me how to make animations! Thats a BIG help! and thanks for warning us, ill stay away from that site

  6. Hehe and isn’t it kinda “sketchy” that youtube has to remove the video due to “Terms of Use Violation”….

    Great post!

  7. Ya the goverment stinks.

    By the way I like Glenn Beck he can be very funny and serious at the same time.

    Also I clicked on that video to play it and it has been removed….most likey the goverment lol

    how old you 13?

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