Lyon Shore Arrival



     Lyon Shore is now open. It was very easy to make and I made it in 3 hours tops. I even had time to create an ad promo for later this month. But back to the point, Lyon Shore is open! Lyon Shore is a completely different kind of graphic blog then any other. As I had said before, I do my best work when I don’t have to make a certain thing and follow a set of rules. On Lyon Shore I call it Free Roam. Right now it is the only option for headers, but in the future you can turn the option off and you have a template with already made backgrounds, less input on the making on your header, and all around a completely different designing style. This blog also makes iPhone and iPod-touch backgrounds. These backgrounds are hand drawn, put into a scanner, colored on the computer, and then delivered to you. Those two things are the only graphics currently available on the blog, but in the coming weeks more and more graphics will be coming.


One response to “Lyon Shore Arrival

  1. Hey Lyon…much kudos to Lyon Shore…I’m all for “free roam” much more ejoyable to create from your own creativity bank. There is demand for everything…your originality is very much appreciated.

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