Snaps is the Name of the Game

Helloooo! This is Sarah, sorry i havn’t posted for a while I have been busy. I recently went on a camping trip and learned a game cauld snaps. The point of the game is to communicate to the other person just by using a code by snapping fingers.
Here is how to play:

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1 Understand the rules. You start by thinking of a famous person. Your goal is to have the participants figure out who you are thinking of by listening to your voice and counting your finger snaps. For each consonant in your chosen person’s name, you will ask a question that begins with that letter. For instance, if my person was George Bush, my first clue question could be: Get ready. The G in get indicates the first letter of my person’s name. For the vowels you snap your fingers. Snap once for A, twice for E and three times for I. Using my my same example, I would say ‘Get ready,’ for letter G, and snap my fingers twice for the letter E. You continue using questions for consonants and snaps for vowels until you finish the name or someone guesses correctly.

Step 2 Gather some people and ask them to play. Decide if you want to explain the rules or if you want to begin the game and see who catches on. Start by saying ‘Snaps is the name of the game. The name of the game is snaps.’ Next you will either ask a question to indicate a consonant or snap your fingers to indicate a vowel for the word you have chosen. Continue to ask questions or snap until you finish your word or someone guesses it. The first person who guesses correctly will take your place in giving people clues to guess a word.

Step 3 Enjoy playing Snaps

Does everyone get it? Its fun to freek people out by saying your psychic when doing the game 😆

Thats it!


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