Soccer Again

     Now that summer is sadly coming to an end it’s time for school, and sports again. This fall I will be playing soccer with my old team once again. We had a great two seasons last year and are ready to do it again. This fall our old coach from last fall will be returning. He’s the coach who led us through an undefeated season, and helped us all improve drastically. That fall I was in amazing shape. Probably the best I’ve ever been in. Our coach is my friend’s dad. She doesn’t play on the team anymore even though me and one of my best friends tried to get her too. In soccer I play the position of midfielder. This position is one of the hardest positons. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but in this position you have to run from one end of the field to the other. It may sound easy, but when your doing that the whole game it’s tiring. Hopefully this season will be amazing!

In other news…

The impostor case is not over… yet. We still have a little bit of work left. There is no reason to be scared of this impostor. They will not try and hack your blog or your account. Forget about it all. Ilan, Sssaam and I have taken care of it.

It’s almost over…


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