Final Update: 1 Day…

Update 2: Informants tell us that this is an impostor. This person should not be considered a threat to anyone. Sssaam is also working with me and Ilan and my investigative team to find the criminal.

Update: The hacker has been found. I tracked him down with his IP address. Ilan and I and deciding what to do next.

     As many of you have learned recently from Ilan’s blog there is someone hacking people’s wordpress accounts. We have no idea who this person is or why he’s doing it, but we do know quite a bit. Yesterday at 11:08 pm I got a comment on my blog from the hacker on Ilan’s account.

Picture 1

     The way I know it isn’t Ilan is from the different IP address and that at this time of the day he was on a littlle mini vacation. The hacker, or possibly a different hacker commented on Ilan’s mom’s blog saying,

“What a lame post mom!” 

     As many of you know this couldn’t be Ilan, he is very close with his mom and would never comment such a thing. Currently I am trying to find out the IP address of the fake Ilan who commented on his Mom’s blog. The next left evidence of this hacker or hackers was a post by Sssaam on Ilan’s blog. He said the following,

“Ilan, I no longer wish to work for such an amateur blog.”

     While Sssaam has not been working on Ilan’s blog for long, we know that he never though the blog was amateur. He would simply never leave the blog. Sadly Ilan accidentally deleted this comment so we cannot trace this IP address of this comment either. So far we know that Ilan and Sssaam may have possibly been hacked. Even though we are not sure about a few of the theories we are sure that we have found the hacker’s IP address.

     Another one of our theories is that this may not be a hacker at all and maby just an impostor. The impostor could have just entered a users information into the start of the comment box. I think this sounds like a more reasonable theory, but a lot riskier one. Any true hacker would be a lot sneakier.

     My last theory is who the target or targets of this hacker are. If everything we have learned about this hacker or impostor is true then he is aiming to tear apart Ilan’s blog. The first proof of this is that he commented on my blog trying to make me angry at Ilan and not talk to him either. Luckily I was smart enough to notice it wasn’t the real Ilan. The hacker then commented on his Mom’s blog to get her angry and possibly ground him so he couldn’t post. This would then bored his viewers and they would stop visiting. They wouldn’t get bored if Sssaam was still there to post, but then the hacker commented on Ilan’s blog as Sssaam saying he wanted to quit. That would make Ilan delete Sssaam. This hacker may be aiming for more, but until we have more proof everyone stay calm and closely watch all your comments. If you have anyone with this same IP address, even your closest friend, please tell me.

If you have any suspicions, theories, or more comment on this post!


2 responses to “Warning!!!

  1. Thanks Lyon for your very helpful investigative spirit…I think it’s very sad to think that someone gets a kick out of messing up people’ creations and valuable relationships. It’s obvious to me that that was the motive behind this action. You guys (+Sam) are super intelligent and awsome friends and I am sure together you’ll find that person and more importantly prevent this from happening again so you can go on with your amazing bloging practice. Sadly many people are into destroying rather than creating. I stand behind you. Thanks for informing me of the news on my blog. I appreciate it greatly.

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