Birthday Party!

    bday party runescape

     Yes, the votes were counted and it’s offical, my online birthday party will be held in Runescape! It won by an overwelming amount. I have been it for a year, and it is really fun. My account name on Runescape is Archertheif7. For those of you who don’t know what runescape is just click on the picture to get to it! When you get there create an account and make it look as good as it can by tommrow so you don’t look like a noob. Now some of you might remember I said I would go on three online games. Sadly the third game was a tie and I couldn’t get to three games, but the second world was decided… Club Penguin!


     Yes, the after party will be held in Club Penguin at the cove. At this party I will be playing on my very first account, Xstermnater7. Sadly I can not show off it’s amazing clothes, because it is not a member. But this game was voted and I have to play on it. Also if you go to this game you get free headphones! Yes, free headphones! 

     Please spread the word about this party if you want tons of people to show up! It will be an amazing time!


4 responses to “Birthday Party!


  2. I am leaving for the weekend, but you Have a great day!

    PS. Your resignation post was a grand one on “other” blog. I saw the end coming quite sometime ago. It was like handwriting on the wall. Change is good.

    Meilleurs voeux le jour de votre anniversaire! 😛

  3. Lyonx. I was curious. I made a MixPod too. But yet I can’t put it on my wordpress blog. It doesn’t except any code options. How did you find the code to post your playlist? Or what did you do to get one.

  4. What? Who is this? I never said that! I swear on my life. I think one of m stupid friends got on and said this. I never asked you to rejoin, and i would never say i wouldn’t talk to you from now on. Please respond on my blog and tell me if you believe me. I would never lie to your lyon. You were my best friend. And plus i just got home from a short vacation and i was gone all day. My mom just checked her comments and the same time we were gone i posted “Wow mom what i lame post” I would never say that in my life!!!! You gotta believe me. Please tell me if you do.

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