Review: Club Penguin


     Club Penguin… the game that got me started blogging. It has come a long way since I used to play it a year ago, but it hasn’t necessarily gotten better. My review today is on Club Penguin,one of the most popular games on the internet. With over a million players, the game is quite popular. The game got so popular that many large companies, such as Sony, wanted to buy it. A few years ago Disney bought Club Penguin from the owners. Disney made many good and bad changes to the game. In this game you can waddle around and meet new friends, just like their tagline says. You can buy clothes, go to parties, and play games. The game really has no point, but unlike most games on the internet that is what makes it good. Now for the bad parts. The game does not have as much user input as it used to. Disney has turned it into a corprate game. They use it just to get money. The game also is focused at one main group, little kids. It does not offer any good things for older kids. It doesn’t allow any mild violence at all. The only weapon they have is a shield. You can get your account banned forever just for saying your gonna kick someone in the ninja dojo. The game is good, yet bad all at once. 

Rating: 8.5/ 10


5 responses to “Review: Club Penguin

  1. What do you guys think of this game?

  2. I canceled my order becuase me and nev made a new blog but then it became to much for us to handle so we deleated it and then i had to cancel the order.We ordered from you in the first place becuase we think your headers are cool!

  3. CP is a good start for building social skills. And with any change, bad comes with the good. You just have to deal with it if you are willing to compromise.

    That is a hilarious comment…
    “kick someone in the dojo”. 😆

  4. haha. YOGIPEN, the person that made you a blogger. 😀

  5. I have a Club Penguin blog, and I play Club Penguin quite a lot. I agree with what you’re saying. Disney have made it for little kids. It’s not as fun as it was when I first started. Half of the things you say don’t show up because apparently it’s ‘inappropriate’. It doesn’t let you say any numbers or anything. Every day I get more bored of it. It’s just not fun anymore.

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