Birthday Party: Online

     As a few of you know my birthday is next Saturday, July 25. I’m turning twelve years old. I’m very excited and hope I get some great stuff for my birthday. To celebrate I am going to throw an online birthday party. I’m having it in three different online multiplayer worlds. You have to choose which three I have it on though. There are many choices, and I am happy to have it on any of them. My birthday invitation will be sent out in three days after the voting is over. 


4 responses to “Birthday Party: Online

  1. I don’t think it is a scam. I think it is a very enterprising idea to generate interest and to get people excited and involved. Everyone is looking to generate interest and activity on their blog.

    You need to have a conversation with Ilan. I am sure you can get a better crip on things after that conversation.

  2. Do you want me to take it down Lyon? Please i am sorry. Please tell me why you are so mad on my site and i will completely understand.

  3. Also it is not a scam, and its not for hits. It’s just to gain more interest to me blog.

  4. Could you please take down the scam thing and all the comments regarding our misunderstanding. It means a lot, and i thought it wasn’t worth it either.

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