Ranger’s Apprentice

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     Ranger’s Apprentice, one of the least known, but most amazing books in the world. I bought this book one day while looking for a new series to start at Borders. In fact I bought the first four books. I didn’t start reading them until about two weeks ago. I was in love with the books and finished the series in ten days. The author of the book, John Flanagan, did a great job with this book. He really makes you feel like your right there with the characters. This book has been released in many countries all around the world. So far nine of the books have been written, only a certain number released in each country. 

Books 1-4


     Books one through four describe the main character’s, Will’s, first two years as an apprentice ranger. From his first battle with the Kalhara, to the fierce battle with Lord Morgarath, his kidnapping with the Skandians, and the war between the Skandians and the Temujai, Will’s ranging skills just get better and better. These books aren’t as good as the their prologues, but they could beat out almost any teens’ book out there.

Book 6:


     Now that Will is a Ranger and has his own rief to look over things start to seem boring. At first… Within the first month of his arrival his girlfriend Alyss comes to give him a message from his old teacher. In the north some strange things have been going on. Sorcerer of The North is truly a great way to start off Will’s ranger life.


     In the last  few years many fantasy books have been published, but few live up to Ranger’s Apprentice. Go to a book store near you and buy this book. You won’t regret reading it, you will read it until you’re done, and you’ll just keep wanting more. This book is a phenomenon.



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  1. Computers is my passion but I don’t go on it forever. My dad said it was a passion to me. Don’t think I am a geek about computers though.

    -Slider 466

    P.S. Do you have an AIM account? If you do, what is it so I can chat with you?

  2. Lyon..thanks for visiting my blog..so nice to get your feedback..haven’t seen much of your writings lately on Ilan’s blog..I was wondering..So now I understand..you were busy redesigning your own blog and probably having some summer fun…it looks fantastic..I like the header..very strong design, the colors, the fonts of different sizes and the other design elements work beautifully together. Also I like how it stands out and lets the background be background without competing with it..It’s really nice Lyon…Enjoy the newness of it while it lasts…I hope you are ‘summering’ well.

  3. I would like to tell you the Alyss is not officially Wills girlfriend until the end of the fifth book, and its not the sixth one -_-

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