iPhone 3G [S] Review

     The new iPhone 3G [S], it’s the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet. It’s also gives you the most for your money. The 16GB is only one hundred ninety-nine dollars. This new price lowered the regular iPhone 3G down to only ninety-nine dollars. Recent tests on the iPhone show that it’s  50% faster then it’s advertised speed, which was twice as fast as the old iPhone 2G. iPhones are like your own little computer. You can get Wi-Fi from almost anywhere in the world. But the internet isn’t the stripped down usual mobile internet, this is the real thing, just like on a computer screen. The iPhone does everything. It can send texts, it has a compass, it can send e-mails, you can watch movies, listen to music, watch tv, go on a shopping spree on your phone, and more. The one problem with the iPhone is if you lose it you lose everything. Apple finally fixed that problem with MobileMe. If you lose your iPhone you can go to MobileMe and go to the iPhone tracking device. It can track down your iPhone like a radar system. When you lose your iPhone it also displays a message that says it’s lost and needs to be returned to your house.

     This iPhone is a new breakthrough for phones. I give this new iPhone a 10/10 rating. For more information on this iPhone go to http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3gs/

Pictures from apple.com

4 responses to “iPhone 3G [S] Review

  1. My dad got one of these! It is SWEET!

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