As a few of you know, I went on vacation to Branson a week ago. For the last two years we go shopping on the last day there. I got a few new Hollister shirts, some great Nike gear, and some other things. The last part of the day was going to Ridemakerz. It’s a store where you can build your own car. No you don’t build a real car, you build a stock car. You can chose a variety of cars, accersories, engines, and wheels to put on it. There’s everything from surfboard racks, to rockets. I’ve gotten two cars there, as has my brother. As people know, I usually post about stuff on the internet, such as games. Well I am. At ridemakers.com you can take your RIN number and create a car, or cars. You can get your same stuff you got at the store. Just not for free. On ridemakers you play games to get money. You also get money each time you add a real life car. This idea is amazing. Go to ridemakerz to find a store near you, or buy a car online.


2 responses to “Ridemakerz

  1. I got your comment Lyon. I want to tell you that I play soccer, baseball, and I’m starting football so I do have a life; not a “computer life” Lyon.

    Anyways Lyon, you are a sixth grader. I am going to fifth. Yogipen doesn’t even want me to quit blogging or my site. Maybe I should make a site like you ( life blog) or just forget about blogging. I doubt I’ll ever do that but I may not want to post CP anymore. I want to be like everyone else. Someone else actually inspired me to make a blog but you were one of them.

    If you want to email me, my email is adtreulich@verizon.net ( edit it out)

    If you want to comment me, my site is http://www.slider4666.wordpress.com

    If you want to PM me on youtube, my username is PCtechvidsxx31 ( I make computer vids. I just made this.)

    If you want to AIM me, my AIM account is adtreulich@verizon.net ( once again; edit it out)

    Well, that’s pretty much it Lyon. Talk to you soon.

    -Slider 466

  2. Wow that sounds cool! Where is this Branson you speak of?

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