Fun and Awesomely Pointless Sites!

     Hello I am Sarah from and I now work on this blog! Me and my older sister discovered a site called which finds the most random,fun and pointless sites out there! Here are some of my favorites!
Random Things to Do
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Click the Color not The Word
Cookie Cutter
Fly Guy
Interactive hair :/
Interactive Buddy
and much MUCH more at
Since I work here now I think you guys want to know more about me! Heres some brief info!
My name is Sarah and I am 11 years old and in 6th grade. I live in the west coast of the united states. I have a dog named chloe she is a black lab and i love her so much. My older sister who is 15 tortures me and hurts me but I stil love her…kinda 😆 . I dont do many sports but I ride dirt bikes and like Vollyball. My favorite animal-frog,color-green,food- pizza or tacos. more stuff about me at my own blog! Thanks!


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