New Contributers

     Everyone knows that I had a contest to hire new contributers. But things got so crazy that I decided to just hire two new ones myself. They are Smiley Sarah and Carly! I am using McDonalds Wi-Fi to post this, but as soon as I get home from my second vacation i will write an amazing post!


3 responses to “New Contributers

  1. I am sorry I havent been posting. I have been busy with a job and stuff… sorry.

  2. Thanks Lyon! I will try my bestest to get on the computer more for you blog!

  3. Um, Lyon I was just wondering. Since you resigned, can i hire a new contributor. I didn’t want you to get hurt or offended. So i am asking you before i post. Please answer me back on my blog, so i can know quickly. Thanks!

    P.S. I found my old Rs account and i am gonna come to your party today.

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