As many people know, I am posting less, designing less, and evidentaly, pretty much slowing down on blogging all together. It is just getting harder and harder as I go. The future of this blog is hard to decide. I know I want to keep this blog, but I can’t post as much as I want to. Designing is the one thing I still love on here. I am setting a new goal of three posts a week, one of them with a picture I make.

P.S. Ilan, I love working on your blog, but it is too stressful. I would like to resign.


One response to “Future…

  1. Well it is a well-rounded person who admits to his limitations. Not many can do that. We find ourselves forever saying yes to things we just know will exceed our limitations, but we do it anyway. It is good that you realized you have reached your saturation point and that something has to give. And you are not leaving anyone stranded, so you can leave with a good sense of well being there too. Goals are a good thing. =]

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